Welcome Stacys Nfts Artwork Interview

Welcome Stacys Nfts Artwork Interview

Hello and welcome to this wonderful time i get from our good friend and Artist

Coming up about some time and giving the best to our community

The name talks for himself


Welcome to Stacys l NFTs


Thanks so much for being here


I will begin


- Where are you from?

I currently live in the United States but I grew up in Alberta which is a province in Canada!


Welcome is a pleasure. I know very good artists on Wax and all come from Canada, a very good country full of nice people.


- Tell us about yourself! Do you use your real name or go by a nickname?

I go by “Stacys” or “Stacy” which is actually my mother’s name, I named the project after her! My real name is Samantha - some people call me Sam or Sammy. People are free to call me by any name they feel most comfortable with, I think nicknames are really fun!

Is good to see the love you have for your mother very kind and nice. I love it. My personal opinion you are keeping true love very high.

My people here say if you don't love your mother don't love anything…

is an honor

Hope your mother can read this article and feel pride about the wonderful daughter and Artist she have……

Nice to meet you Samantha…


- Have you had a difficult or an easy road in life and in the NFT world?

I strive to be as non-judgemental of others as I can. In my opinion, each and every one of us has faced our own hardship and our own successes. In life we can try to empathize with each other, but we cannot ever fully understand what those challenges felt like for the other person, and what’s easy for one might feel impossible for another. So for that reason I think it’s important to be compassionate and not label each other as having a ‘hard’ or ‘easy’ road!

That being said, I have personally had a lot of challenges AND successes I am proud of!

For example, it’s not something I like to publicly talk about a lot but I suffer from a disorder called Fibromyalgia which causes wide-spread musculoskeletal pain throughout my entire body. It’s not well understood by the medical community at this present time and so there is no cure and doctors arent really sure how or why it happens. Fortunatley, it is not a terminal illness. I have also been living with chronic headaches for my entire life since childhood, so I generally have a headache every single day. I have seeked out a lot of medical treatment for both of these problems with little relief, so I have had to learn to live and tolerate constant pain during every waking moment of my life! Despite this, I do feel incredibly fortunate that neither problem is known to limit my lifespan in any way.

I have also had a lot of privilege and success that I am grateful for. For example, during this journey in NFTS I have met some amazing and loyal friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I have also seen an unbelievable amount of support from friends, community members and collectors through this journey that I can’t begin to express enough gratitude for. When I started out, I never expected to have even one person want to buy my artwork, but it has always been my greatest desire to be able to draw what I enjoy and have others like it, collect it, and be happy because of... and so, this experience has been a life-long dream come true for me. I’d say all this love and support has made my journey feel very easy and enjoyable!

Wow, I love the power I feel in our Community every day more and more.


Because people like you are keeping high the community and sharing your art with us.

It is hard work but the sky has no limits so like i says

A good fight for a good warrior

So keep fighting you get down and you get up  faster and strong

And it is true I have many friends in our beautiful NFTs community around the world. Many people are just here to support you

- What inspires your work? Why do you create NFTs?

There are so many ways to answer this!

For one, I mentioned the project is named after my mother. My mother is the type of person who is so giving and always working hard constantly to help other people. As I grew I saw her always sacrificing her own well-being to try and do charitable work and help others. So, I started this project with the goal of creating a legacy in her name and one day being successful enough to be able to help support her through her own health and financial struggles. This drives me!

Two, I truly believe in this industry with all my heart. NFTs are going to expand and grow as we head into the future and I’m passionate about technology and futurism in many regards. I also like to keep up to date with biomedical and AI advances being made! Being part of this space and all the emerging technology is inspiring and exciting on a daily basis, and I feel like we are a part of history right now!


Three, I have been creating art since I was a small child. It has always been one of the biggest parts of my life and personality, and the ladies I draw for you guys now are an echo of what I have always loved to draw for my whole life - every sketchbook since I was a kid is filled with tons of random drawings of women I made up.

I am  deeply inspired by how powerful the human imagination is, and that you can leave reality to build any world you want simply by closing your eyes, so I love to bring that to paper. This is the same reason I’m extremely passionate about the video game industry. Being able to replicate that “Christmas morning” feeling of excitement for people that you get during the launch of a new game is amazing to me and I aspire to one day give that to others.


Awesome and cool share the same feeling and that's believe it or not you really have it already

Many people just wait to see how the new

Stacys are.

Many people just enjoy your Artwork everyday


- How many artists do you want to collaborate with?

Ideally I would be able to collaborate with anyone who wants to!


I am so inspired by everyone's unique art style and truly believe every mark we make through art leaves behind a tiny piece of our soul for the world to enjoy, so when I get to collaborate with an artist it’s a very special experience to me and it means a lot.


Legendary words in fact many artists are just grateful about work with you..


- Who will be your first choice?

It’s really hard to pick a first choice and I’ve already been extremely lucky to collaborate with a lot of artists I admire greatly!

To name a few, some artists that I really admire and would love to collaborate with in the future would be Pxlhans, Maco, The Evaverse team, Gorilla Nemesis, Chris Wahl, Noisy, Lambie, CryptoYankiz, KickFlip, AstroRookies, Luna Loot … Honestly I could just keep typing forever, so I better stop now hahaha. You get the picture. Everyone.


Yes i see hahaha i will try to mention some of the artists so they see about the idea to make a beautiful and cool collab with you….


- What is your favorite piece? Can you tell us why you created it?

My favorite Stacy is probably #1 because it was modeled after my mother, and it shows how far I have come in this journey. It was the one that began everything and is therefore really special!

Another one of my favorites is Mizuki because it was my first collaboration with James Davies, who is now a good friend of mine. I felt really inspired during the process and wrote some of my best lore for the series, and I really like how the Beautiful Moon bundle which included 2 Stacys and the Car rendering turned out.




My favorite Hunny is probably the Fatbaby one because they allowed me to document their journey having top-surgery which was incredibly special to me and made me feel very honoured and lucky. Fatbaby is also just an incredible person who I love working with.



- Have you heard about Wax?

Yes! I actually just purchased my first wax last week and made my first purchase on Atomic Hub. I like the potential the project has and would love to see a larger community grow on Twitter.

-Why did you choose ETH in the first place?

I chose Etherium because Opensea was the first NFT platform I heard of. I really love what they have created and what they are doing.

I also see Ethereum as a high-potential coin with a lot of longevity for the future and so I feel secure using the Ethereum blockchain for my primary project although I do still appreciate and like alternative blockchains like TEZ and WAX.


I have two questions… I hope you like them.   


- How do you feel about your presence in the NFT community?

This is an interesting question!

I guess I feel a few things…

One, I am just incredibly fortunate to have the amount of support I do. I feel very appreciated for my personality and my work and that's an incredibly humbling and happy feeling, so I really have to thank all of you for that. Like I said earlier, to be appreciated for the work I like to create was my life-long dream and it’s come true, so I couldn’t be more appreciative for that. I hope to continue to show my appreciation by trying to make my project and community as enjoyable and beneficial for all of you that I possibly can.

The second thing is that I really aspire to bring more comfort and kindness to others, and I really hope (and sometimes worry) a lot about making sure that comes through in how I interact with the community. I really want everyone to feel welcome on my page, and that if they are having a bad day or feeling alone they can come to my discord or twitter and feel welcomed and understood and not feel judged. This is really important for me and sometimes I feel like I do not have enough resources to take care of everyone else in the way that I wish I could, so I hope my intentions come across!

Very nice…...


And my last question…


- Would you like to say something to the newbies in the NFT world? Any good advice?

Yes, I have been struggling to find a place for my art for a long time. Before this project, I never felt like I could create things that felt right to be and be successful. So, what ended up happening is I would start and stop a lot of projects feeling defeated. I would try to twist and mould myself into something that was ‘marketable’ or that other people would like.

When I started this project, I was inspired by watching an interview where Beeple talked about how he made a piece every day and often it was inconvenient and he didnt feel like it, but he did so anyways.

So I set out with the same mindset, to make something every day knowing that many days I wouldnt want to do it but I would anyway.

I had the support of people close to me who told me that I should do this for myself and no one else, and keep going every day even if nothing ever sold. I should make things I like that I would want to buy myself and not try to fit into this mold anymore, because my soul would be richer and more fulfilled this way.

And really, this is the first time in my life I have committed to that, and its the first time in my life I’ve seen this level of success. I think there are a lot of factors, but I think one of the biggest is that if you are true to yourself and create what comes from your soul, create something you are proud of, then other people will see this passion radiate from you and want to join in on the fun!

I dropped out of university to go to art school long ago because I remember my dad told me that he believes people can be successful at anything if they are passionate about it, and I agree.

So my advice is to create from your own heart and soul with conviction and persistence, and let the success chase behind you , trying desperately to catch up and join the fun!


And what more i can say i am without words when the interview begins

I am not able to know how it will go or how it will be

Just at the end I can talk and say my opinion and you need to stop losing time and begin to follow our friend here his social media




You will be very happy about it.

I want to say thanks so much to our Friend Samantha (Stacy)

This great and wonderful interview she provided us.

Always an honor

Thanks so much for reading…….


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