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Haiku is well-known for its 5/7/5 rule. Historically, haiku is derivative of the Japanese hokkuHokku is an opening part or stanza of a larger Japanese poem known as renga. But eventually, writers began to write them as a stand-alone poem. Traditional hokku is meant to comment on the season or surroundings of the authors and create contrasting imagery separated by a kireji or "cutting word". However, this element is not always included in a non-Japanese haiku or free-form haiku by modern writers.

Below are the haiku I managed to write. Please note the last time I remembered writing a haiku was ten years ago. 😅🤪



Crystal clear waters

Gentle waves play in the bay

I felt a drizzle


Sun is setting down

Sky is painted red-orange

But I feel so blue


Sun shines so brightly

Flowers bloom so tenderly

Child plays cheerfully


I only made three and these were not enough for me. My goal was to make five. 😅 But it's 3:05 am here and my eyes are begging me to sleep. 😴 So good night everyone.

For any reaction or correction, please feel free to drop it in the comment section.

Lead image is from Unsplash.

Thank you for reading. 💕


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