Nano: More ways to earn and trade in Brave browser

Nano: More ways to earn and trade in Brave browser

By Dakaid | All about free crypto | 13 Jun 2020

In my last article about Nano, I have talked about Nano and its unique features. I have also mentioned how you can easily trade Nano in Brave browser using the Binance Widget which was recently added to the brave browser.

Now in my last post about Nano, I have talked about two apps that can help us in earning Nano easily which is:



However today I will be listing more apps and websites to easily grab some Nano and accumulate it for your needs for free. Also, the price of Nano as of today is $1.07 according to Coingecko. The following sites and apps are as follows:

1.Nano Faucet

As of now, there is two faucets which you can earn Nano is by claiming it once a day. These are:


Nano Faucet

2. Playing Games

NanoQuakes is a place where you earn Nano just by playing games. To start you just need to log in with your username and then your Nano Address.

3. Telegram through deligate

In Telegram, you can use the channel deligate to earn Crypto such as Nano, Eth by doing simple tasks such as viewing PTC ads, following twitter accounts or tweet or watching videos.

4. Website such as play Nano

Play Nano is a website where you can earn Nano easily by watching videos and playing games. Also here you have the options to bet the Nano you earned to earn higher or spend it on gift cards.

Now I believe if you use all the faucets, apps, and sites you can easily have a share of some Nano. Apart from that, the popularity of Nano is increasing every day and also you can trade or exchange in many platforms such as Binance Widget in Brave Browser, hitbtc, kucoin, Kraken and many other for BTC, ETH or USDT.

Lastly happy earning guys !!!.

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