Choosing Microcap coins

In crypto every coin is a potential moonshot, we've seen BTC rise from worthless to thousands, in recent times doge has done the same so now everyone is looking if that next potential golden coin. So what should we use to inform the decisions of what Microcap coins to choose?


The key things we should look at are:

1) what chain the coin is built on

2) does the coin have a strong following

3) the coins distribution


So to start, what chain a coin is built on...

Chain matters, if a token exists on an existing chain then it will have all the benefits and limitations of being on that chain. Ethereum for example is a very well known blockchain but also know for expensive transactions. Polygon is less well known but significantly faster, making it suitable for microcap economies that still enjoy tipping and other micro transactions. Nano is also a less known chain that is relatively fast and low cost. These things matter for up and coming tokens.


A coins following 

Without publicity and a stop follower base a coin is nothing. Every bullrun we see mega rises, then mega crashes. Some coins recover from that crash and some remain dead. To work out what your microcap coin will you you have to assess if it has a strong follower base. Subreddits and twitter can be good indicators however at one point r/cryptocurrency moons had a very strong holding and after the initial sell off we rarely hear about them anymore. Find a community that is active with minimal price discussion and that is likely a strong contender for post bull run survival if you're playing the long game. This is where its good to scour social media, it is a very good indicator of a coins following.


The coins distribution 

How has the coin been distributed? Mining? Post rewards? ICO? If distribution is fair with a low barrier to entry for newcomers then the coin has a better chance of long term survival. That can mean social media post rewards, CPU mining or frequent community drops. If the coin is up and coming then there should be ways to obtain it with low upfront costs.


Final suggestions

So if you are looking for microcap coins to invest in, of course the usual contenders are good ideas (doge, shib, Pepe), however a lot of Reddit tokens are very active currently and worth your consideration, notably:


Bitcone $CONE (Polygon chain)

Banano $BAN (nano chain)

Donut (Eth chain)

Bricks (Nova chain)


Personally out of these the 2 most active communities that are actively developing their tokens are $CONEs (Bitcone) and $BAN (Banano), therefore being my key recommendations.

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