Bitcone Puzzle; Hack the wallet for 1,000,000 bitcones

What if I told you this post has the seed word to a wallet full of cone?

All you need to do is read all that lies ahead, examine the image and 12 words will reveal themselves to you. It won't be obvious, if it was then anyone could derive it from this and that isn't my intention. My intention is that whatever this wallet holds goes to the conemunnity, someone who is committed to C.O.N.E.

Why have I created this puzzle? Well, because CONE is fun, so it's my way of giving back to the conemunnity. From the outside this community is a small crypto subreddit but it feels like it can be so much more than that. CONEs can soar like a kite, there is so much potential to rise to be the most popular Reddit token and more. Together we can rebel against any negativity surrounding cryptocurrency and choose compassion over negative energy!

I have filled the wallet with 790,000 CONE. Whoever can crack the 12 seed words can sweep the wallet. To help you, 5 of the seed words are here hidden in this post, all 12 are in the image. All you need to do is think outside the box.

I suggest you start from the left,
And something will be clear,
That will pave the way,
For the other clues right there,
How many cones can you see,
On the picture down below
There's a million in the wallet there,
If you find the seed you'll know



Good luck cones.


to learn more about cones check out r/coneheads

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All about bitcones

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