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How to free up more CPU without staking extra wax

By Wlkrowam | alienworlds.wam | 28 Apr 2021

Hello and welcome to my new alien worlds blog series. Today i discovered a method to free up more CPU space if you have already been staking wax through 

Please note i am working off mobile so expect the screenshots to look a little different!

So heres a look at the link above


Select staking rewards


Then select stake more tokens.


However i discovered something when i followed this method. Even though i was selecting stake wax to CPU, it was actually being distributed 50/50 between CPU and NET on the blockchain. So i headed over to to investigate.


After logging in, select wallet. As you can see, my staked wax was being distributed evenly between both CPU and NET even though i had never selected NET! So what can we do about this? Well, we can unstake from NET and put it back into CPU! As long as its been 72 hours since you first staked some wax of course! Firstly i tried to unstake all of the NET wax, but this didnt work because i had recently deposited some. So i decided to withdraw 1 wax from it, which i knew was definitely past the 72 hour staking withdrawal window.


This lowered my amount of staked wax in the NET section, freeing up more wax for me to re-deposit into CPU!



So long story short, you may have wax sitting around that can be put to better use, and going forward it may be more beneficial to stake your wax directly to CPU through instead.

I would also like to note that it seems like the more WAX you stake, the more total CPU power you have available. At first i thought staking simply lowered your total amount of CPU power being used, but looking at the results below you can see i gained additional CPU total power after staking more wax.




Thankyou for reading! I hope this allows you to continue mining.




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