An open letter to

Dear Alienworlds-officials,


Months have passed and nothing has happened.

There has been no communication with the loyal players on discord about coming updates.

The best community-managers have left the company.

The only answer to every question is soon.

The bot-problem has become bigger and bigger.

NFT-Mining is stopped since one month.

Too many legit players are getting flagged for weeks and get no reimbursement for the stolen mining time.

The Zen-Desk is an absolute catastrophy.

Mining has become a shitshow with failed to fetch, infinite mining/claiming loops, etc pp.

All this while botnets expand and expand and have no problems mining and cashing out approxametly ~800.000 wax per day.

The way you treat big whales of the game is a shame, while giving botnets not even a slap on the wrist.


What's your endgoal with this game? The best white paper becomes useless, when business execution is absolutely terrible.


The worst part is not even the point, that investors feel massively stupid by having faith in your team, but rather the fact that your bot-problem brings massive credibility problems to the whole wax-blockchain and crypto-gaiming in general.


Are you guys not even aware of the fact, that the game is dying and the reputation of each of you will be destroyed forever?

No one will ever take you seriously again, ever.



Do something, communicate, take the community serious.

Or are all of you honestly  convinced by this "#1 D'app worldwide success" bullshit?

You know thats complete bullshit, right? When 90% of those accounts are just bots?

Are you really blinded by this fake success?


But hey, keep on going with this, until we can officially call you "#1 Bots-only-metaverse worldwide."




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