Alien Apps Faucets Paid Out OVER $11,000 in August!

Alien Apps Faucets Paid Out OVER $11,000 in August!

By Bitcoin Aliens | Alien Apps | 27 Aug 2019

Combined across our apps we've paid out OVER $11,500 to a record 164,653 addresses - JUST in August!


Free BCH

On just our Free Bitcoin Cash app we've paid out a total of $8300 in more than 111455 transactions JUST in August. This equates to 27.32602429 BCH given out in total in just one month.

Here are just a few of the transactions we've paid out to users through the Free BCH faucet:




If you haven't got it yet, you can download Free BCH here - or read more about how it works right here on Publish0x



Free LTC

On our brand new Free LTC app this month we have already given away $3,200 in over 53579 transactions in only two weeks. This is huge - we launched our Free LTC mobile app only two weeks ago but the feedback and support for it is already amazing! We've already given away 44.26705787m LTC!

Just a few of our transactions from the last month on Free LTC:




If you want some extra litecoin check out the app here - or read more about it here on Publish0x

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Bitcoin Aliens

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