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Covid Was a Nightmare for My Portfolio (Part 1)

By alexsungnyc | alexsungnyc | 29 Jun 2024

2020 was a year that I'll never forget. On March 1, 2020, a healthcare worker who recently traveled from Iran back to his Manhattan condo was immediately hospitalized after showing symptoms. But a few months back, in Seattle, the first reported case of Covid came from a man in his mid-30s who recently traveled from Wuhan, China. It took a few months from January to March for things to incubate and escalate into a global phenomenon that induced lockdowns globally and locally. 

Around that timeframe was also when Crypto became hot. With the influx of new users, a lot of tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum had halvings or forks. I was mining crypto around that time, but because of the profitability being lesser, decided to sell my cards and exit that space. My portfolio took a hit during that period, and here I am entering it again. But now, I have a new goal: to become a Bitcoin and Crypto millionaire within 5 years or less.

This is what I will do to make this a reality.

AlexSungNYC Will Take A LOT of Risks

Sorry guys, I needed to talk about myself in the third person for the SEO. But like, I mentioned, I am going to take A LOT more risks in this space using free money.

Like I said, I'm starting my Crypto portfolio all over because a lot of things happened, and I had to liquidate everything. Life can be unpredictable at times.

Money's tight so I decided, this year, I am going to be financially responsible. I'll do this by spending less on things that I don't need and more on investments. I decided to gamify it by finding out ways I can leverage free cash and multiply them. In fact, I decided to only use free cash for all investments.

The reason why I wanted to do this is because there is virtually no risk by using other people's money. The only risk would be time because if I had to reset, I would have to invest more time into my efforts.

The Apps I Will Use to Invest Crypto

Free Cash App - Play video games for Crypto

FreeCash is an app that pays you for your time testing out games or offers. I made it a mission to install only the highest paying offers and be disciplined in not paying for in-game offers. After testing it out for the past month, I realized that it is better to focus only on the first few stages and move on to the other offers. As you can see, I have already accumulated $50 for free. I plan on withdrawing it in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

FreeCash Withdrawal Options

Sign up to FreeCash here


Salad Mining - Be A Chef

Salad is a decentralized cloud processing app that allows their clients to use your bandwidth for their projects or extra speed. I use this app for PC sparingly but have already accumulated $20. I plan to withdraw it via cash and purchase more Bitcoin or Ethereum. I wrote about this in Publish0x which you can read by clicking here

Use cod O0I3RJ to sign up at

Use code O0I3RJ at sign-up either on or after you install the app.


Crypto Trading/Staking on Pionex and Margex

This is where I need your help. I plan on getting back into Crypto slowly but steadily. As I pull all of the funds from the free resources above, I will then deposit them into one of two trading platforms: Pionex and Margex.

I went with these two exchanges because they allow copy trading and free trading bots which I will use in the mid to long term future. More importantly, I plan to use their platforms' staking to my advantage while I develop my trading skills.

Sign up to Pionex

I like Pionex because they have a number of micro-cap to small-cap market pairs for trading. I plan on developing more risk tolerance and develop my trading abilities to trade such volatile or low-float tokens. But as I do, I plan on staking my funds to increase my principal size. 

Use code 𝟬𝗠𝗙𝗔𝗼𝗳𝗧𝗵𝗲𝟭𝗳 at sign up here


Sign up to Margex

I like Margex because it is decentralized and easy to use. They have copy trading software that allows you to pick a trader to emulate your trades on. Although they don't have as many market pairs as Pionex, they allow staking for a good number of crypto tokens.

Sign up to Margex using this link



The main mission will be to become a Bitcoin or Crypto millionaire within 5 years or less using the aforementioned apps to get started. As I do this, I'll be accumulating and scraping all of my gains into funnels that will double or triple them. But I want to make it difficult and gamified starting from literally zero. As I learn more and get savvy, I will surely find other apps, systems or platforms that may give me success. I will be sure to update this blog often as Publish0x is truly a great way to create and leverage connections with other members that have similar goals to mine. Thank you for following this journey and I'll make updates along the way!


I plan on developing other streams of income and leveraging them for success. If you'd like to support those channels, please do so here:

Thank you for your support! You can also read "7 Clever Money Hacks that may earn you thousands!" on my blog at

The Crypto Millionaire Challenge (Series):

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