Salad Mining (Is it profitable?)

By alexsungnyc | alexsungnyc | 15 Aug 2023

Salad - One of the best free GPU/CPU Miners for Crypto

The best, free crypto miner for the hobbyist 

SaladCloud is a decentralized cloud infrastructure that provides sharing of latent compute resources directly to customers. Basically, this is fancy language for a place where people go to purchase extra speed, storage, or bandwidth. The extra speed, storage or bandwidth is provided by the Salad Chef's, which is where you come in. 

Why should I be a Salad Chef?

A Salad Chef is someone who went to culinary school to serve salads. NOT!

Salad Chefs are people who sign up to provide their personal computer's resources to Salad's customers. They pay extra when you, the Salad Chef, work directly with container workloads. 

The Decentralized Salad

Salad is the decentralized competitor to market leaders as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Workspaces (AWS). They rent out processing speed or bandwidth, via their Chefs, to businesses that require large amounts of data processing or streaming needs. They also incorporate a trust rating system that prioritizes connections that are not IP-banned and have high speeds for higher throughput. 

Salad Settings

Earnings so far: 0.256

In a span of 24 hours, I earned $0.25 passively. As a former crypto miner, I thought this was good because I didn't have to worry about electricity costs or constant maintenance of a rig. Further, I didn't have to worry about checking for profitability or switching servers. Also, I didn't even run it for most of the day. I found that the Salad application was running imperceptibly in the background like a ninja, and only turning on when the PC was idle. I also quit the application when I would game, just in case, so that I wouldn't accidentally interfere with performance. HOWEVER, even when I left it on and gamed, performance wasn't interrupted whatsoever. The application is incredibly intuitive and responsive.

Theoretically, if you chose to, you could even create a rig just to mine on in order to increase your chances of earning. BUT, my goal for Salad was to test it out as a personal PC chef, to see what the rewards were on the hobbyist side. 

Basically, their trust system prioritizes higher-end GPU's, connection speed, and other such criteria. Based on the earnings so far, I would say it is good enough for me to use on a daily part-time basis (whenever my personal pc is on). 

Earnings on as a SaladChef - Join me on Salad and use code O0I3RJ for a 2x earning rate bonus!

Join me on Salad and use code O0I3RJ for a 2x earning rate bonus!

My Specs:


Can you earn a lot of money without affiliate marketing? 

Factors attribute to how much or little you can earn on as a personal chef. Even if your device is not up to par for Salad mining, you can still refer associates to Salad and earn residual income. 

There are 4 Variables of Earning:
  • GPU & CPU - How effective at computing they are.
  • Crypto markets -'s miners automatically determines which tokens are effective for mining at that moment in time.  
  • Total software time - How often you leave the computer on idle, and/or duration of time the miner is left on. 
  • Container workloads - When your device is selected for a container workload, you will earn a higher rate. 


How to get started

Use my code to unlock 2X Salad Balance Earnings for a limited time!

The code: O0I3RJ

To get started, simply:

  1. Download Salad.
  2. Sign up within the app or at
  3. Log in using the one-time code sent to your email.
  4. During account setup, you'll be prompted to enter a referral code. Enter your friend's unique code to earn 2X Salad Balance together!


How to redeem your rewards

You should bookmark this URL to redeem your rewards: Make sure you log in using the same email you signed up with. 

Choose which reward you would love to target.

When your balance reaches its target, you can buy that reward. 

Redeeming rewards from mining profitability at

Is it worth it?

YES! As an ex-crypto miner, I think this is a great way for anyone to earn passive income from your personal computer. I have tested many different miners before, and a lot of them either overheat or create degraded performance issues. This is the first one I've tested that is actually intuitive and doesn't degrade my personal PC. Further, due to my PC's specs, I earn quite a bit for not running it often at all. has been in operation since 2017 now, and like anything that is tied to the Crypto markets, profitability is better now than later. Further, the more miners they have within their ecosystem, the better it is for the business at the end of the day. Crypto and decentralized projects rewards trailblazers, so the sooner you start the better it is for everybody overall. 

If you would like to try this for yourself, use code O0I3RJ at sign-up either on or after you install the app.

My YouTube channel & Blog here if you would like to get to know me:

Please note: This blog post incorporates Amazon Associate's which incentivize purchases from onclicks. These are my opinions only. 

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