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By Alex Kuper | alexkuper | 15 Jul 2020

Hello! My name is Julia, I am 26 years old and I would like to tell you about the place where I come from! At first, I thought it would be very easy, but ... The fact is that it is quite difficult to choose what inspires you in the native country and what you want to tell the whole world.

Tell about food? And I assure you that once you get to Ukraine for a gastro tour, you will not be able to leave us for at least six months because of the countless different dishes, which in each region are also prepared according to their secret recipe. and, even if you still taste absolutely everything, then again it will be difficult to leave because of excess weight, which will come with all the goodies :)

To tell about people who inspire me? The whole publish0x is not enough for so many posts. And you will lack the patience to reread everything because there are so many people around me who deserve attention and a separate post. From the immediate environment to the military, volunteers, historical figures, athletes, musicians, and other famous and not so famous characters.

Tell us about the places worth visiting? You have not been to Ukraine and you do not know that there are very, very many cool places worth visiting. And as soon as the quarantine is over and all restrictions are lifted, I will start visiting them and share with you information about places that not every Ukrainian knows.

I decided to publish everything I listed above on my account. That's how one challenge gave me a whole bunch of ideas for publications 😊 And I decided to dedicate this post to my hometown - Uzhhorod. And here, too, everything is not so simple, although at first glance it seemed there would be no problems. Well, think about it, a small town in western Ukraine and a population of just over 100,000 people. what can you tell here?

As it turned out the options are mass, even in this case. for now, watch a video of my city from a bird's eye view. It seems to me quarantine, at least, is very useful to get here such landscapes where nothing superfluous, only the city

But! I managed to choose my own top 3, which I will tell you about and show a little bit:

  • Sakura
  • coffee
  • sculptures

This is what is the business card of my city and to say about these things will never be superfluous :)




These trees grow only in Japan, several American states, and Transcarpathia. It is in Uzhgorod that the largest sakura alley in Europe stretches along the banks of the Uzh, on the Orthodox and Kyiv embankments. Sakura blooms in late April - early May. Sakura flowering is short-lived, it lasts 2-3 weeks maximum. Traditionally, the official days of sakura flowering in Uzhgorod are celebrated from April 25 until the end of the May holidays.

There are two main legends about how these magical trees appeared in my city. the first tells of a princess who lived in a local castle almost in the center of the city. At some point in her life, she fell in love with a simple guy who worked in the local market and, as you may have guessed, this relationship was doomed to a tragic end.


And so it happened, but not because of the prohibition to marry a loved one, but because of his cunning. The fact is that he decided to use the love of the beautiful princess for his selfish purposes and asked the girl about secret passages under the castle as if to come at night and kidnap her and take her away from her stern father. The young man wanted to use this information to rob the royal treasury.

The king learned about this in advance and was able to detain the robber, and when he realized where the boy got the information about the dungeons, he ordered his daughter to be walled up in one of the castle walls. There are rumors that the girl was incredibly beautiful and it was in her honor that we blossomed sakura to remind everyone of the princess.


The second legend is not so tragic and interesting. According to her, a few centuries ago Japanese ambassadors went past our city to Europe and stopped for the night near the city. The local criminals found out about it and robbed them by taking away even the saplings of young trees.


By the way, the Japanese and Chinese (and not only them) very often come to our city to see the flowering of sakura. Yes, this year the Chinese Yongcheng Yi, who lives in Chengdu and is engaged in professional photography, was detained due to quarantine. The photos here were created by him as I sat at home during the sakura blossom period and was not able to take pictures (


The author of the photo said that after all his travels around the world, he is impressed by our, respected Uzhhorod sakura, because a young, still shy sakura can be seen in many cities, and ours - large-scale, luxurious, adult. The photographer calls her another. And here is a link to the profile of a photographer , he publishes a huge number of amazing landscapes from all over the world.  By the way, he allowed me to use these photos.



you can also watch a video created during the quarantine period where you can see how beautiful the streets with sakura trees look.





Oh, then we need to talk about coffee. it would be easier for me to return to my previous job as a barista and simply prepare for each reader a portion of espresso from the most delicious grains, which are brought to us by greens and fried almost near the city. There are dozens of varieties of Arabica and mixes of Arabica with Robusta to choose from. For me, of all the varieties, Monsun Malabar has always been the tastiest. This is the only elite variety of Arabica that can be wet treated. It is dried on the shores of the Indian Ocean for 7 weeks during the monsoon season. the taste itself resembles natural dark chocolate and caramel. And it is its natural taste, not an enhancer or flavouring.

So it is not surprising that with so many different varieties and coffee drinks, we have an average city resident drinking 3-4 servings a day. Uzhhorod also has the most complete coffee collection from the countries of the "coffee belt". If we take the history, the very tradition of coffee was brought to us in 1318 by the Italian Drugeti and against the background of the whole country for many years we were special, as almost 98% of the population of Transcarpathia drinks exclusively roasted coffee beans. everyone else started this tradition much later and usually used soluble :)

No wonder there is a proverb in Uzhgorod: "Lviv is famous for coffee shops, and Uzhgorod - for coffee." A few years ago, Lviv baristas surprised tourists from Transcarpathia, who asked them to prepare this wonderful drink for them in a special way, namely the request to pour "twice less water" into a cup than they used to. and it shocked them.

Yes, we drink the strongest possible portions of espresso, and when we want to relax, we switch to local wine, which is worth a separate post. and, to be honest, it is better to taste both than just to read. by the way, there is a rather interesting fact that when the Olympic Games were held in Moscow in 1980, Uzhhorod baristas were especially taken there to serve foreign tourists and delegates.



And now it's time to talk about mini sculptures in our city. Here each of you knows about the huge Statue of Liberty, which is recognizable all over the world and is a symbol of the United States. What if I show you this?


It is the world's smallest statue of liberty, which was erected on July 20, 2011, and began a collection of local jewelry. Also, this statuette is a real lighthouse on the navigable river Uzh. In this reservoir every year there are humorous competitions "Uzhgorod Regatta" where everyone swims ahead on self-made floating means.


Today, more than 30 mini-sculptures by Mykhailo Kolodko have been installed in the city. Among them are monuments to the Rubik's Cube, Ferenc Liszt, Sergeant Michael Strank, artist Gluck, Andy Warhol, Michael Strenk, Mozart, Harry Houdini, and many others. And we have a fun tradition - especially for all sorts of important holidays, mini sculptures are dressed in costumes. And therefore all the characters were also prepared for quarantine and showed how important it is to carry out calls to protect oneself from the clown and to observe safety measures.

Local photographer Konstantin Cherkay suggested that master Irina Lukashenko (who creates costumes for sculptures) sew protective masks, which he later used for a photoshoot below:

Без назви1.jpg

The entire photo album can be viewed at this link. That's all, I hope you liked the information in this article, then I will publish my own guide to mini sculptures of Uzhhorod. And we have a lot of them!

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