Odessa guidebook: Must-see places #1 Pushkin's shadow

By Alex Kuper | alexkuper | 5 Nov 2020

Well, it's time to tell you about the Odesa attractions that I met during my stay in this beautiful city. Honestly, I haven't seen even 10% of everything I wanted, so there is still a lot of work ahead and more than a dozen kilometres. So, today we will talk about a rather unusual for most sculpture, which can be accidentally missed - Pushkin's Shadow.



Who is Pushkin?

Alexander Pushkin is a Russian poet, playwright and prose writer who is known to each of us because there are no people who did not teach the poem "Green oak in the sea" at school. Pushkin was born on June 6, 1799, in Moscow, and died on February 10, 1837, in St. Petersburg.

Even during Pushkin's lifetime, his reputation as Russia's greatest national poet was established. Pushkin is considered the founder of modern n literary language.

Why is the sculpture located in Odessa?

The fact is that in 1823-1824 Pushkin was in this city and was sent into exile. Even the place of the sculpture was not chosen just like that. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Reno House was located nearby, the hotel where Oleksandr Serhiiovych lived for some time, so this crossroads repeatedly "carried" the shadow of a real poet.




What is the history of sculpture?

Pushkin's Shadow was established on September 26, 2013, in honour of the opening of the annual literary festival "Pushkin's Autumn", which is held in Odessa. The idea of ​​creating an art object was born in the writer OM Borushko and Odessa local historian OY Gubar.

By the way, about the installation of this monument, there were very active protests by some residents and various organizations who believed that the idea of ​​the monument is not original in itself, that the location of Pushkin's image in the sidewalk will make him the object of vandal attacks, and the fact that pedestrians will be able to pass directly on the image of the poet is an image of his memory. Because of this, the opening of the monument was postponed to 10 o'clock in the morning, instead of a pre-scheduled time when none of the opponents was present on the spot.




The installation itself is more than two meters in size, in the grotesque features of which the features of Alexander Pushkin, characteristic of his self-portraits, are easily recognizable. The shade is made of tinted high-quality cement. At the foot of the shadow, the modern sidewalk is replaced by a fragment of cobblestones, typical of Odessa streets of the early XIX century.

Where is the sculpture?

The sculpture is located in the city of Odessa, at the intersection of Deribasovskaya and Rishelievskaya streets.
The exact GPS coordinates are 46.483863, 30.740791
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