ROCKWELL REPUBLIC - My favourite bar and restaurant in Grand Rapids (Michigan)

By alexbb9700 | Alexbb9700 | 30 Mar 2022

Hi guys,

How is your mid-week? Today I will write about one of the best restaurant as well as my most favourite dinning bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is my must-go place for any Wednesday night and Sunday brunch: ROCKWELL REPUBLIC. It is located on Division Avenue in the central area of Grand Rapids.

The design of this restaurant is very cozy with the high ceiling and old brick walls. There were 02 sides (two doors) of the restaurant:

  • One with big tables and seats at long bar
  • Other one with small tables for 04 or 02 persons with a small open mic stage.

Every Wednesday nights are open-mic nights with discounted cocktails. Then every Sunday, they serve the best Sangria mixed with aged whiskey. The drink is so so delicious and I always got drunk on Sunday after mass.

About their food, they serve very freshly-cooked food but their steak is not really good although it is kinda expensive. What dishes I highly recommend eating here:

  1. Spinach Bacon dip
  2. Pasta with lobster creamy sauce
  3. Mixed plate of cheese and hams
  4. Any types of their sushi
  5. Dessert with Crème Brûlée

About their drinks, I love their cocktails and Sangria. Never feel bored of their special Sangria. Besides, their Cranberry Vodka Martini is hightly recommended for Vodka ladies!

My favourite handsome cutie bartender Aaron always surprised me with many customised cocktails. All you need is to tell him what you want to drink or how you feel about wanting to drink something special. He is also very nice to me and kindly help me avoid some drunk old perverts at the bar.

Maybe this place has the most friendly staffs in the town. Here my brother and I feel always welcome and not being discriminated because we are Asians. Don't be surprised when I mentioned about race discrimination in a modern city of the U.S. The Buffallo Wild Wings of this city treated us like kinda shit until I wanted to talk to the manager, then everything was fixed.

All photos were captured by my phone (HEICC file) and reproduced to JPG files by Light Room Classic.

Thank you for your visiting my post. Have a good one, folks!

The best Sangria (mixed with aged whiskey) in town
Cozy atmosphere with high ceiling design
Old brick walls with abstract paintings deco
Very nice Bloody Mary cocktail for hangover cure (I am not a big fan of it but my brother is)
Best spinach bacon dip
Super delicious pasta with lobster creamy sauce
Dessert: Fruit balls with Crème Brûlée

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