1900s Racing Cars Exhibition in Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

By alexbb9700 | Alexbb9700 | 2 Mar 2022

Hi, how are you guys?

While taking a break from war news, I am here to share my photos of very old racing cars in a special exhibition "Cars! Racing Technology" in 2018 when I visited the huge Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago city (Illinois, U.S).

Below are the names of these car in order of each photo:

  1. 1911 Simplex
  2. 1929 Rolls Royce New Phantom
  3. 1930 Franklin Pirate Phaeton
  4. 1914 Ford Model T
  5. 1924 Marmon
  6. 1913 Mercedes Knight
  7. 1930 Alfa Romeo
  8. 1972 Lola T272
  9. 1979 Lola T500
  10. 1971 Aston Martin Lagonda Limited (front view)
  11. 1971 Aston Martin Lagonda Limited (side view)
  12. 1908 Stoddard Dayton (side view)
  13. 1908 Stoddard Dayton (front view)
  14. Bernardi 1933

All images are my original photos taken by my phone and the exhibition was a bit dark. So some of photos are not enough bright.

Thank you for enjoying my post. Have a good night!

405opj24l08s3zx9_Alex_1911 Simplex.jpg
405opjil08s3zxe_Alex_1929 Rolls Royce New Phantom.jpg
405opjpl08s3pn4_Alex_1930 Franklin Pirate Phaeton.jpg
405opj1pl08s3ldo_Alex_1914 Ford Model T.jpg
405opjwl08s3nf1_Alex_1924 Marmon.jpg
405opj1el08s3t5s_Alex_1913 Mercedes Knight.jpg
405opj24l08s44jr_Alex_1930 Alfa Romeo.jpg
405opjil08s44qh_Alex_1972 Lola T272.jpg
405opjpl08s45y0_Alex_1979 Lola T500.jpg
405opj1pl08s442m_Alex_1971 Aston Martin Lagonda Limited 2.jpg
405opjwl08s456a_Alex_1971 Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.jpg
405opj1el08s485r_Alex_1908_Stoddard Dayton 2.jpg
405opj2bl08s487y_Alex_1908_Stoddard Dayton.jpg
405opj13l08s473h_Alex_Bernardi 1933.jpg

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