Publish0x Got Talent. E02

Publish0x Got Talent. E02

By Alexandru-Balan | Alexandru Balan | 22 Sep 2020


Hi there everybody. It's been a long time since the last time we delved into the depths of Publish0x in search of a talented author that might not be that passionate about crypto and programming but has a lot to offer in other departments. This week we have a very special guest, someone I've been following for quite some time, I think it was before the Statera contest that took place right here on the platform. Huh, I miss a good contest...

Before I introduce you to the amazing author of this episode, I'd love to talk to you about talent a bit. What is talent? Is it writing beautiful poetry or fiction? Is it painting a mesmerizing landscape? Or maybe... it is being a good parent. Talent comes in many shapes and forms, even though we might not see it. To be talented is to have the knowledge to craft something beautiful. And when I say beautiful I think not just of enchanting music or captivating novels, but also of designing an engine let's say, or running a business. The skills are different, but if you look at those that are best, no matter the field, you realize they have one thing in common: they are talented.

Talent is in the eye of the beholder

This week I'd like to introduce to you, an author that truly knows his field inside out. With 30 years worth of experience in this business, and willing to share all his knowledge with us, here on Publish0x, it's a pleasure to present you:



He has a vast amount of experience in the franchising domain, so much so that I'd call him a talented person at that. If anything, the topic is unique and it's incredible to have someone as vested as Gerard write on Publish0x. He's been posting about one article each week for the past few months which shows consistency and continuous striving to reach a wider audience. 

And that's for a good reason because what I like the most about Gerard's articles is that you can start reading them without any prior knowledge of how a business is run and still understand what he's saying. He chooses his words carefully so that his ideas hold both simplicity and complex meaning.

Who's the targeted audience?

Like many authors I'll feature in this series, Sir Gerard might not be what everybody's seeking on a platform that's dominated by crypto articles. However, as many are interested in finance, the idea that some of us might own or want to start a business is not that far fetched.

Sir Gerard targets those of us that have a business and are looking for expansion opportunities or those that might look to start a business using an already renowned and powerful brand. His experience might come in handy for those people and might inspire many others that are on the fence about starting on this path. If you're in one of those categories, browsing Publish0x for some business opportunities, don't hesitate to pay Sir Gerard as his articles might be a great source of inspiration for you.

Final thoughts:

SirGerardThe1st does a beautiful job at explaining the art of franchising and I think he's a highly talented author. I wish to see him succeed in reaching more people because his experience might be crazy valuable to those that are looking to start a business and in my opinion, he embodies the spirit of this series which is to uncover great content on Publish0x that is unique and is different than the mainly crypto content we all consume here.


If you think you've got talent and have been working a lot, but are still struggling to find your place on the platform, you can email me at and tell me why you think you'd be a great fit for this series.

Please note that you should try to fit in the following criteria:

  • the submitted account must be at least 3 months old
  • the author behind the account must be active. I need to know that they are really trying to get an audience.
  • the posts should be unrelated to crypto or tech, but if you think your crypto or tech articles are unique and you present the info in a way that's never been seen before then you can contact me as well. For a great example, you can read some @SkinnerCrypto.
  • the majority of articles must be written in English and should have good grammar

Remember that I'm subjective in choosing the next guests and I'm writing this in my free time so don't get upset if you either get postponed for a later episode or I don't feature you at all. 😊

That's all for today's show folks. Thanks for dropping by and do not forget to take a look at Sir Gerard and his articles about how to run a franchise successfully. Take care and I'll see you next time which should be in about two weeks (for this series anyway 😋).

Happy Talent Tuesday! 


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