An honest review of Uptrennd compared to other platforms

An honest review of Uptrennd compared to other platforms

By ProngsDark | Alexandru Balan | 8 May 2020


Before word...

This review might be hard for some to swallow and I may have some not very polite remarks about Uptrennd. If you think you can't handle it in a mature way and have a discussion afterwards please close this article. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

What's Uptrennd?


Uptrennd is a social media platform with an idea similar to the likes of Hive and Publish0x. You can post stuff on their platform, be it short or long form and when somebody upvotes your post you get a 1UP token. This is an ERC-20 token that's distributed on their platform and at this time it's valued at $0.0035.

Taken right from their description, the team behind Uptrennd describe the platform as "Social media that puts you first" and I guess they are right? They say they are supporters of free speech and don't remove content unless it promotes illegal goods and services. Uptrennd is focused on crypto news and analysis just like Publish0x (I am not mentioning Hive here because it seems to me that Hive has a wider array of topics besides crypto).

I've seen some people both on Hive and on Publish0x writing good things about Uptrennd and how they wished to break that market in order to reach a wider audience so I gave it a try. Making an account is extremely simple so there was nothing to lose.

My experience on Uptrennd so far

I won't sugar coat it at all, it's bad, really bad. I don't have a problem in general with short-form blogging or mini-blogging, some people can be really captivating even when using fewer words and they can get their point across in an efficient manner. However, the type of blogging I'm about to show you can't even be named blogging, it's something else, it's just a mere attempt at cashing in 3-4 upvotes for free.


Now that's what I call textbook definition of the internet. Not that it's something wrong with posting whatever you want, but I'm trying to get you to understand what I saw and how I felt coming from other similar platforms. The content quality on Uptrennd is way under what I saw on Hive or Publish0x and the communities on those two platforms rarely let something like this thrive, and call out people who write content like that.

I'm sure that both Hive and Publish0x have their "dark side" where content like this lives, I'm just saying that I never saw it. Thank you to both communities for pushing quality content up.

The reason why I'm mentioning the community and its importance over and over again is because on Uptrennd the comments on the above "post" and on others similar were positive... I think... I don't know...



I'm sorry, but what's pathetic is... meh nevermind. Let's keep going.

My problem with this platform is that this type of content is prevalent in there. This post wasn't on the 19th page of the Technology community on Uptrennd, no, it was fu***ng trending on the first page. There it goes my first swear since started blogging. Mark this date in the calendar people.

Alright let's continue our Uptrennd explorations. I feel like Dora.


When the "Uptrenndians" don't plagiarize the dictionary for money and mark it as original content, they engage in making you great "offers" like:

  • get 77 free ETH
  • make $3000 and retire
    or my favourite...


Notice the amount of upvotes??? Nani??? How stupid I was for not thinking that the answer to all my problems was to let some shady people on the internet turn my hard earned dollar into 121 dollars. "LoW rIsK..."

So why do people want to join Uptrennd?


Beats me.

Anyway... if you want some free moniz... I know a dude who knows a dude sooo, give me a call... or message... or a pat on the back, I'll know what you mean.


I posted this from a versatile electronic machine over something that can be defined as a global network of computer systems. Peace!

PS. The project itself is actually pretty cool and the team behind it has some great ideas that I find interesting, like their citizenship system. Too bad the audience on the platform isn't mature enough.

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