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By AlexVan | Alex Crypto World | 20 Jun 2022




I was writing a couple of weeks ago in this post, that I booked a hotel via Travala.

Now, after the trip passed, I received a nice bonus into my  Travala account. The bonus was a nice one, and it was paid in crypto, to be precise, in AVA  at the daily course. As we have now a bear market, I was happy to get more coins added to my stash.

So, the travel was basically free as I'm on the highest membership level on Travala and receive travel credits as bonus from the company revenue. The more the company earns, the more I get. I can say, I got paid to travel. My wife and kid have enjoyed the trip, so I can say that I might travel free for the rest of the life, like @trumpman is saying.

Trip was fine, and we did not experience any issue, on the contrary, everything was awesome, and the service was real good.

If the value of AVA tokens will go 10x, I might say that now is the time to travel, as there is a lot of bonus coming in at a high value. I decided to buy a founder Travala NFT, which gives the bonus. I still need to travel more, to cover the cost of this NFT, but I think that the cost will be covered in the next 2 years, even faster if AVA grows.


Did you use Travala ? Do you know the site?

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