Ripple Target 14 $

By Crypto.Money | Albert-10 | 26 Jul 2020

We can go for $ 14!
According to historical data, analyst noted that XRP could rise as much as 6,000% in the coming months, and said that XRP could reach up to $ 14 per token.

Ripple surpassed $ 3.50 in early 2018. While this strong move shocked investors, the whole world was talking about crypto money.

Since then, XRP has been one of the poorly performing crypto assets. However, these troubles may soon reverse and if Ripple behaves as it did in the past, it can recover most of the value it has lost in a very short time.

With too much pressure under resistance, another break in the XRP can cause the asset to spike. And at this point, according to analysts, extreme FOMO will step in and take prices even further. Potentially, it is stated that the all-time high of $ 14 may be seen in the coming months.

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