Dash Coin

Dash Coin

By Crypto.Money | Albert-10 | 30 May 2020

Advantages of Dash Coin
Although Dash, which we can define as the naughty child of the crypto money world, is in decline, it promises its users as follows;

As we mentioned above, the most important feature of Dash is privacy. Thanks to the privacy advantage of Dash using the coin mixer services, users who do not want to reveal themselves can both protect their identity and can easily store their Dash coins thanks to privacy.
Claiming that it solves many problems existing in Bitcoin, Dash promises fast data transfer to its users. In this way, it enables users to trade faster and save time.
The Dash system is a system built on self-management and has an autonomous closed-off structure. Dash, which is self-managing, keeps additional costs from users as low as possible, since it does not receive any help outside.
What is the Difference of Dash from Bitcoin?
It is separated from Bitcoin by dividing the transactions carried out in Dash. It divides the transactions within it as Instantsend and PrivateSend, namely instant transactions and private transactions. In this way, transactions occurring in the Dash network are grouped, preventing both transactions from interfering and enabling user transactions to take place more quickly. In addition, Dash is leaving Bitcoin in terms of administration.

Bitcoin has received donations and aids from many institutions and organizations in the last year it started to rise and has become in need of them. When this is the case, we see only two units in the management and administration of Bitcoin. Miners and partner organizations. In Dash, this is different. Dash installed a system called Masternode to facilitate user operations. These Masternodes, which are a kind of investor, both provide the functioning of the system and generate income from the system. In other words, contrary to Bitcoin, Dash aims to incorporate the partners that will invest in it and eliminate the next resource cuts. As an administration, the Dash administration, which has an important place in the Masternodes, also includes miners and treasurers.

Dash Coin Mining
Dash coin is a formation that always aims to have different features within itself and tries to attract users to itself with these features. We can also see this different feature effort in Dash coin mining. By revealing the Proof of Strake algorithm used in Bitcoin mining, it reveals the Dash coin X11 algorithm that adapts to itself. Thanks to the Dash coin X11 algorithm, it allows its users to mine more quickly.

Highest and Lowest Values ​​of Dash Coin
The Dash coin, which has traveled in the band between 1 and 10 dollars from the date of its establishment until February 2017, has seen the level of 45 dollars with a great increase and after this date has increased to an incredible rise similar to that of Bitcoin. Dash saw its all-time high at $ 1,642 on December 20, 2017.

How to Buy Dash Coin?
You can buy Dash coin, which has a very fluctuating market value, from Koineks or Koinim. In addition, Dash coins are traded on sites such as Hitbtc, Binance, Bittrex and Bitfinex abroad. In this part of our article, we will tell you how to get Dash coin from Binance.com step by step.

First of all, we need to choose Ripple to perform our transactions quickly. First, we open an account from a Turkish buying site and buy some Ripple.
Then, we transfer these Ripple to the account we have opened in Binance.
To convert our Ripple in Binance to Bitcoin, we come to the exchange section next to the Binance logo and click on the basic button. Then in the window that opens, find and click the BTC / XRP option and then click buy. We buy Bitcoin.
Then we do the same process while buying Dash and buy Dash coin.
Is Investing In Dash Coin?
As we mentioned above, Dash coin, which has an extremely fluctuating price curve, has provided incredible gains to its investors in March of last year. So, can there be an investment in Dash coin when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a massive decline?

Dash, which has experienced a huge rise and then a big decrease like many other currencies, has not yet seen the bottom after this big drop like other altcoins and is resisting around $ 80. This makes Dash a more reliable investment tool than other altcoins. For this reason, another investment in Dash can be seen as a guarantee investment to evaluate an opportunity seen in the crypto money market.

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Reasons to Invest in Crypto Money Before moving on to promising investment opportunities, it is necessary to mention a few basic points. experts define cryptocurrencies as crypto assets developed to complement traditional currency and secure financial transactions online. One of the key questions here is why you will buy cryptocurrencies. Apparently there are many reasons to do this: Accessibility: You have wide access to cryptocurrencies and you can trade anytime, anywhere.

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