Creator of No - Attention! Yes is here. The mind battle!

By Ajorundon | Ajorundon | 4 Sep 2019

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I have been pondering on this. Can it be done? Ok, if I do it, will it be right? I do not want to mess thing up! I do not like feeling bad when things do not turn out the way I want!

Actually, who does?

Ok, I get more points to know that this is a "NO" screaming in my head that I shouldn't do it. Then a whisper - "Yes" in my head still. Not much points for a Yes but just a "you can do it"?

There is something i do and i do not know why! Why is it that, I do not give enough attention to the YES like the No?

It happens, dear.

No matter the NOS we create, we are YES beings.  If someone did not make it a YES - deal to create the universe, everything, then we could keep dwelling on NOs.

So, what i need to do to give an attention or be alert for a Yes, I will do and listen carefully to its commands.

What part is hardest? Create the universe and to create a Yes?

I'm not creating the world but be bold and get on with this plan.

It can never be easy to be a Yes creator because it's amazing how I could convincingly create a solid No and a shaky Yes.

But Attention! Yes is here! Still here and always!

Thank you for your time on this post. 

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