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People want TRUST,

We're here to give it to them!  With Mintme you can Mint your own crypto currency in a matter of just a few minutes. This project not only lets you look for support in your own project. But you can trade between other projects on the site. First of all what a great way to Network! Second, you can scan through hundreds of new projects and see if any of them catch your eye. You can share some of your tokens with them and they can share back. 


We just launched our first of Three projects on MintMe. We will have more news to follow. But first here's a direct quote talking about the project and benefits it has! 


Cheers y'all!! 

"At MintMe the game for crowdfunding has changed, and now people are invited to give support just as always but with a significative difference: they can also win when they give. Token trading can allow people to earn on the success of the person they have supported, which is why this new method is called mutual support.

If someone starts a crowdfunding campaign for a project that has many qualities to be successful this can become the best opportunity to invest in people like in stocks. Choosing the right token can give you the chance to earn money once the market and demand for such a token have raised.

Token creators as well can become token traders, sharing on their earns with a community that is also in need of support, this opens the door to a new vision in which giving is not as risky anymore. We give and our transactions are secured through blockchain technology at the same time that we are in possession of greater value when we own powerful tokens with mirrors to the future."

~~ Mary Schwartz ~~

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Early adopter of crypto and very much involved within the community! I also follow world economics and like to tie in how blockchain/crypto is helping shape these new policies.

Airdrops and Free tokens
Airdrops and Free tokens

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