Virtual Trading Token (VTT) Airdrop! 2000 VTT Reward $20!!!

Virtual Trading Token (VTT) Airdrop! 2000 VTT Reward $20!!!

By 0ziz | Airdropegg | 14 Oct 2020

🚀  Virtual Trading Token (VTT) Airdrop

🎁  Reward: 2000 VTT ($20)

🗣  Referral: 200 VTT ($2)

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  • Token name           : Virtual Trading token
  • Symbol                   : VTT
  • Token Type            : TRC20
  • Decimals                : 6
  • Total supply           : 1B
  • Contract address  : TKBUR8iwsY6qQf3kpbNVBKic4dQzhLhxq8


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What is Virtual Trading Token?

About Virtual Trading Token. Virtual Trading Token ( VTT ) is a TRC20 based Asset and a Tron Based Ecosystem itself . Virtual Trading Token ( VTT ) Will be Used in our own EcoSystem ,Pepship and in Many other E-commerce Marketplaces . VTT will have a staking feature too where it's users will get 1% Increase on Their Total Portfolio . This will allow users to get passive income and will stabilize the price of VTT . VTT is an TRC20-based token that is used as the only payment method when using paid options in the real market. Starting with USA, we will expand into a global distribution platform and use GPS to provide derived revenue sources based on the region. We are pushing ahead with a project that allows us to enjoy the distribution platform profit right apart from the virtual asset investment through Share. Distribute tokens according to the number of participant and The final distribution number is determined by the team.


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