Coinbase Earn - Quiz XLM (10USD)+ COMP(9USD)

Coinbase Earn - Quiz XLM (10USD)+ COMP(9USD)

Hello, I have 4 invitations to participate in the Coinbase Earn XLM quiz+ 1 invitations for quiz Comp, up for grabs for solving the quiz $ 10 + the rest for inviting friends. Of course, you can sign up for the waiting queue yourself, but I will be glad if someone uses my link, then I will also earn money :) promotion for new and existing Coinbase users, account verification is required!
Answers can be marked until we finally get the correct answer, so you don't have to worry about making a mistake, best regards. the Eos promotion has ended due to the exhaustion of the prize pool


XLM - available 3 invite

Comp - only last available

Good Luck


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Aidrop ! 100 token CQX ( 0.11e per one coin )
Aidrop ! 100 token CQX ( 0.11e per one coin ) I invite you to join the Polish Coinquista cryptocurrency exchange, which has very ambitious plans for the future 😃 for attaching and verifying the account (proof + invoice for the bank statement) we get 100 CQX tokens ... the value of the tokens varies, some sell for PLN 0.49 per piece cheaper (0.11e) . It indicates that sometimes you have to wait a few days before someone buys tokens from us, but everything is legal. Regards,

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