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Age Of The Faraday Cage

Nobody knew about the new unknowns!

Frequently exposed to frequencies known to damage! We were not particular about our particulate’s ...NANO!

Particularly, statists didn’t mind.
Scientism beLIEvers that got left behind.
As THEY, repeatedly, unwillingly, bent over taking it HARD from behind!
It was like the blind leading the blind!

Pretending like everything was fine!
Now standing in the hospital line, that stretches around the corner!
But THEY are still, more worried about borders!

“Summarizing the “sum” of some summer situations...”

Haters “externalize” wishing to be reborn again, but don’t want to put the, effort in!
So, THEY remain wrapped in a blanket of sheep skin!

Now, THEY are tired of sitting - sitting because THEY are tired!

MASSively, the mASSes ASSumed frequently the fallacy of finite resources- infinitely!
Living Passively!

It was a tragedy, living in more denial than deniers of gravity!

It was sad to see, “intelligent Star Dust” drowning in willful IGNORance “clown water” abyss sea!

So I took refuge within “fine tuning” reality - chiseling away my own IGNORance!

Nearly killed me to bear whiteness!

To the age of the necessity of a Faraday Cage - just to sleep at night!

Nobody knew exactly what it was...but something was not right...

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Lucid Vibrations
Lucid Vibrations

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Age Of The Faraday Cage
Age Of The Faraday Cage

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