Application of EDC in the Gaming Industry

By afif | afif | 23 Aug 2019


   One of the most industries that will change rapidly in the near future is gaming, especially video-games or e-sports. Game giant development companies like NCSoft, Tencent, and Valve have been using their own digital currencies for some time now such as NC-Coin and Tencent’s Diamonds. Valve even accepts Bitcoin as a currency.

   In this case, EDC Blockchain has the opportunity to expand into the Game Industry World. Like Crypto Kitties, a platform for buying and selling digital pets with Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.Okay before, I will explain what the EDC Blockchain.Launched in 2015, EDC Blockchain describes itself as a worldwide multi-currency platform with a integral builder of coins. All EDC holders square measure reportedly united into masternodes (a variety of fund during which users give their coins), thereby permitting the node to mine EDC.supported a hybrid LPoS mining algorithmic program and exploitation Bitshares a pair of 2.0 Graphene protocol, EDC reportedly provides network security once implementing necessary functions, like instant confirmation of transactions and network selection. The last EDC coin are created on Jan first, 2040. The EDC community reportedly exceeds one million users, whereas the cryptocurrency is employed by folks in fifty seven countries. EDC is actively specializing in the Southeast Asian, occupier, and European markets

Everyone criticizes because a game (Crypto Kitties) with silly graphics will bring down the Ethereum network, causing huge congestion for people who want to use the Ethereum network for regular transactions.Or EDC Blockchain can be like Decentraland (MANA) Blockchain-based game projects that already offer digital land that can be purchased, and other digital assets such as graphics, models, animations, items, etc.


   This technology can be applied to the gaming industry in a number of ways, but the most well-known method is to reward players with cryptocurrency and tokens as achievements in games, to improve character or buy in-game items EDC Blockchain can try this method as an experiment.For example, Giftomon Game created by Gifto where every thing in Giftomon such as Mining, Trade-In, Exile, Market, Pro-Growth, Breed and Excursion all use Gifto Tokens (GTO) for the game.



   One is, if we want to get a Gifto token (GTO) is to mine using the character we have purchased. Many of the mining results depend on the Level of character, if the character Level is high like Legendary or Epic then the result is very good. Conversely when Rare's level results and the level of Advanced or common results are slightly.


This opportunity can be utilized by EDC Blockchain by having 1,000,000 active communities in 57 different countries and projects that have been started since 2015 to make this Fundamentals better. 


   One more thing that supports this is the Exchange Market, the EDC Blockchain is available in more than 5 Large Exchange Digital currencies such as Bit-Z, Digifinex, IDAX, Coinbene, Yobit, etc. For details you can see here

listed on many exchanges is one of the advantages in building a game industry ecosystem because Players can Top Up coins for example the needs of items in the Game, EDC Blockchain has fulfilled this requirement.This flow is almost the same as my experience when playing the Giftomon game from Gifto (GTO) which allows players to buy characters with legendary or epic levels with GTO tokens for example.


  From all that I have mentioned,EDC has the opportunity to apply his Platform to the games Industry.of the community and the value of the market capitalization of the EDC is no doubt.I think just select the field game which will be working on examples of course E-sport,the field of gaming E-sport is very promising in the digital industry right now

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