is LIVE! Welcome to a better virtual world! is LIVE! Welcome to a better virtual world!

By æternity | aeternity blog | 21 May 2020


Hello Publish0x Community!

We are happy to announce that is now LIVE!

Released in May 2020, is a P2P social platform which empowers PEOPLE TO SUPPORT PEOPLE without intermediaries.
SEND TIPS directly to creators, causes, projects. RECEIVE TIPS directly from fans. GET OR GIVE SUPPORT to urls on the web.
Built on aeternity blockchain and released as open source, beta makes the potential of decentralization tangible.

Superhero LIBERATES USERS from:

- their data being collected and sold
- their actions being tracked and used for target marketing
- 3rd parties profiting off people sending / receiving support
- 3rd parties taking an unfair cut for creators’ work
- 3rd parties censoring original content
- wait times for release of support received
- giving up or granting free licensing rights to their IP  

Go check and experience the difference:  

  • No 3rd parties profiting off you sending or receiving support. >1% fee (gas) goes to a miner (community member who mined the
  • No 3rd parties control over your tips. No approvals needed. No wait-time. Transfers are instant.
  • No 3rd parties get free licensing rights nor collect and sell access to you / your data. Users keep their IP and privacy.  

Welcome to a better virtual world with quantifiably more freedom to transact.


Interested to find out more about Superhero? Don't hesitate to follow the communication channels below:  

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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aeternity blog

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