aelf's Writing Contest for Hacker Bounty & CCTP (Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol)

aelf's Writing Contest for Hacker Bounty & CCTP (Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol)

By aelf_blockchain | aelf Blockchain | 7 Aug 2020

Sign up for the aelf Hacker Bounty Writing Contest. Let's see how good you are at #blogging. 📒

💰Win a prize of up to 888 ELF = 💲88 USD

⏰ 7th August - 16th August

You have 9 days to sign up & submit your articles.

Topic: The Future of aelf Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol


1️⃣You can submit more than one article, but the content must be original.

2️⃣Explain your understanding of the CCTP or its role in blockchain security & future application in aelf-eco.

How to Submit:

1️⃣Publish your article(s) on at least 2 platforms, for example, tech blogs, forums, Medium, Twitter, etc.

2️⃣Submit this form with the article link:

Selection Criteria: 1. Your articles require originality and can not be copied. These Will be reviewed manually by the aelf team.
2. 5 winners will be selected from all submissions to be judged on engagement, impact, quality, etc.
3. If there are so many participants, we will give plus awards, 10 winners will be selected from the rest of the participants and give awards for good quality articles. 

⚠️After you submit your registration, the aelf team will review the articles carefully, and the final winning results will be announced on aelf Twitter. Reward will be distributed within 7 days after the end of the Writing Contest.



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