aelf Launches Open Source Digital Currency Wallet Solution

By Mappo | aelf Blockchain | 19 May 2020


aelf’s digital currency wallet has been launched, publishing the core code on Github to make it 100% open source.


aelf’s Digital Currency Wallet is a complete digital asset management solution, designed to provide users with one-stop digital assets services, enabling a more dynamic token economy. Through the one-stop Account Management Mode, we can achieve multi-assets trade in the same chain or multiple chains ensuring basic assets management and trade features are secure.

This open-source code includes the codes for IOS and Android platforms, as well as a complete web wallet solution, which can be applied to aelf’s public chain, private chain, and alliance chain system. The wallet solution follows the MIT license.

This solution adopts a One-Stop Account Management mode to achieve basic features such as asset preservation, management, and transaction (sending and receiving), as well as same chain/cross chain transactions with multiple assets. It supports the following functions:

  1. Create an address: Creating Wallet Addresses for Asset Management.
  2. Classify assets management on chain: Supports switching wallet asset list according to different chains, users can add, edit, and trade assets.
  3. Check Market Data: Support checking the data of token secondary markets.
  4. Initiate transactions: Supports same chain or main + side chain transactions — these can be easy, fast and safe to achieve asset cross-chain transfers.
  5. Deploy DApps: Supports DApp deployment based on aelf H5 and wallet communication protocol. Users can sign with their wallet safely.

Digital currency wallets are mostly open-sourced for the client-side. In this case, aelf’s wallet is 100% open-source, including both the client-side and the server-side. Developers can deploy their own wallet system on the server. Blockchain can be regarded as an open ecosystem, and aelf hopes that the open-source behavior can lower the barriers to use, attracting more developers and enterprises to use this core code, while finding more feasible applications to join the construction of aelf’s decentralization ecosystem.

In addition, aelf will soon launch a series of blockchain business solutions, including digital payments and integral circulation.

aelf hopes to actively share our technical experiences and achievements with the industry to facilitate faster establishment of technical standards. It is critical that open source code can develop blockchain into a dynamic and emerging industry. aelf will continue to cultivate technological research and development to provide creative solutions for the industry.

Check the open source code on GitHub:

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