The end of Million on Mars on wax network?

 So its been announced this week that million on mars is closing most parts of the game on May 1st, apparently to write a new version of it.  There has been problems for quite a while, their discord group just bans anyone who asks awkward questions about the game, no support whatsoever with some people waiting nearly a month without any answers to their concerns, and recently even money taken from someones bank account without permission. Why would anyone make an announcement that they are switching off the game literally a few hours before it happens?

 They are now expecting players to sit on their assets, which will be unusable in the game so therefore worthless, and wait for them to write a new game.  How long will this take, a month, a year? Their answer? They don't know!!  How can you not have any idea?  surely they have a plan in place or did they just make it up 10 minutes before the announcement? Yet the option to take out subscriptions to the game and buy assets in the game is still working at the moment.  Why is this if the game is going to be turned off?  Makes it look like they just want your money right up until it ends.

 I have been in wax since the start and have seen this happen so many times, so is this going to be ANOTHER rug pull?  When big games like this start messing about then the whole trust in anything to do with the wax network goes down as a result. Atomic hub and nefty need to start looking more closely at these games, especially when people are spending hundreds of £/$ on them.  They need to start holding them accountable for the losses people are making when they can't be bothered to answer question.  Maybe hold a percentage of the money they take from sales and subscriptions as a sort of guarantee.

Well I for one am not going to get caught again and will be selling everything to do with the game.


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