Million on Mars - The End

So still no signs of life from the Million on Mars team.  No updates, no game, nothing on the discord or the now static web page.  Still one useless admin who literally is there just to delete peoples queries where their coins are.  Does nothing else, no interaction with people, no messages, no updates, just lurks in the background and deletes.  If you push it and ask twice then he bans you.  Bans you? for asking a legitimate question like where your coins are.  This tells me that he has been placed there specifically to do this.  Another pointer that this is a rug-pull.  If you hold any NFTs from this collection I would advise you to offload them now while they still have a value, the land NFTs have already dropped from over 40 to 2 wax. That's hell of a drop and shows people are getting out fast and cutting their losses.  And to top it all off even their website details have been redacted so you cannot even get a name for the person who runs or pays for the site.

How can they be allowed to treat the people who paid money to support their game like this.  Easy, they have the backing of Nefty Blocks, double verified to take your money.  When contacted they basically said there's nothing they can do.  Nothing they can do?  They allow collections to sell from their site, verify that they are legit and there's nothing they can do?  Something smells fishy there, how can they do not do  anything? 

How do they allow collections to sell packs for games that don't exist anymore?  How can they allow a collection to make over $2 million in sales, money which if you look on the blockchain was sent to Kucoin, yet not interact with the people that gave it to them?  That's right over $2 million and they don't even want to keep it on the blockchain. Funnily enough, when you send to Kucoin they have one address that everyone uses.  So the trail stops there and no way of looking who it was sent to.  Clever.  Yet the creators basically shut the game down stating they had no money to run it.  How the hell can you make $2 million but have nothing to show for it?  How can you take that amount of money from people yet refuse to even answer their queries where their coins have gone.

Well thats me done with the WAX network, I'm out as I've been stung once too often.  Which is a shame as I've been there since the beginning, when it was much better, now its a fraudfest.

My advice steer well clear of it and don't get caught.  Especially when the people who allow them to sell NFT's through their site just don't care that they are ripping you off and refuse to do anything. The sooner the network collapses the better, its riddled with scammers and apologists and that's just the people running it!!!

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