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By Adamante | Adamante Blockchain Guild | 17 Apr 2021

With all the hype behind NFT’s I decided to expand my collection to Wax’s new dapp, collect.social. It was April 10th and I bought a pack to take a look at what this platform promised, "the first platform to collect to win" ... I hardly knew what was waiting for me.

Collect social

Yesterday I opened the pack and to my amazement I didn't even receive a card, I was totally disappointed with the project, I expected to receive something for my investment, everything but a bad joke. You may say that I was the one who lost, in fact I was not, only the platform lost a customer of those who love collectibles, a customer for life ... and I hope that many more crypto / enthusiastic collectors become unhappy with what happened, after all, nobody likes to buy air unless they suffer from breathing problems, wish I do not. I continue to buy my kogs which I am sure they have a vibrant and active community behind the project, in addition to the fact that there is value in buying this type of collectibles, keys for other games, spectacular. They safe folks, peace. 


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