Time for a change of strategy

By achim03 | achim | 8 Apr 2021

I have been playing the game Splinterlands for ages. When I look at my account, I see there that I have played a total of 18'000 battles.... That's quite some time spent on the game. What is worse is that I actually have 4 accounts that I play with. The combined number of battles is 39'000 !

Ok, with so much game experience, you would expect me to be the perfect player. Unfortunatly, I'm very far from it. On the contrary, I have the feeling that each season it is getting more difficult to reach a high rank. In the past I reached easily Champions II but now I have a lot of difficulties to reach Champions III at the end of a season.

In terms of points, I have two accounts that have enough to qualify for champion level. The third account could reach Diamond II and the third one Gold III. I hardly manage to reach these levels however.

The value of my main Splinterlands account lies at around 4700 $

This week I decided that it was time for a change of strategy.

Before the point system was introduced, it made a lot of sense to play several accounts. I reached champions I with 3 accounts at that time. However this is not the case anymore.

My strategy was to keep several competitive accounts to make a maximum income. I also wanted to avoid leveling up the cards too much for fear not to be able to sell them in the future.

The level of the players is increasing

What I realised is that compared to other players, my deck wasn't evolving enough. Of course I manage to collect quite a lot of cards and DEC with the daily quests and the season rewards but in the end, I spread the improvements over all four accounts and in the end this is simply not enough.

My biggest problem is that almost all the summoners in my best deck are at level 6 and because of that I can not play high level monster cards. This puts me quite at some disadvantage in respect to players that are putting all their efforts into one set of cards. Summoners are pretty expensive and it takes a lot of ressources to develop them. At my level however, I can't be competitive with a level 6 summoner anymore.

Merging decks

I took the decision to merge my first and third decks together. This allowed me to get level 7 summoners for almost all splinters and I even have two summoners that are maxed out. I could also merge a lot of legendary cards and some reward cards. What is great is that with level 7 summoners you can actually play fully developed legendary cards.

SL_full cards.jpg
Some of my maxed out Splinterlands cards

I hope that I will now be able to be competitive with my main deck and reach champion II or even champion I level.

Why do I want to play in the highest leagues?

When you look at the daily quest rewards, the season rewards and also at the DEC earned by won matches, reaching a champion II ranking at the end of the season is worth about double of what you can earn in diamond I. I therefore prefer to concentrate my efforts on my main account and reduce my efforts with the remaining decks.

I have a lot of money invested in the game and my decisions aim to get the best possible return

Now I will probably have no more excuses not to reach my goals. If I don't manage it... well then maybe it means that I simply don't have enough talent for the game... If this is the case, a solution would be to rent out my cards to some better players...

What do you think about my game plan?

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