Do we need influencers to promote Hive?

Do we need influencers to promote Hive?

By achim03 | achim | 4 Mar 2021

The other day I was watching a very interesting webinar between @jongolson and @taskmaster4450. At a point, they were talking about traditional social media influencers and their role in promoting Hive.

In the last months, there were a couple of youtube crypto influencers who came to the blockchain and they started to create content. They posted some articles and got upvoted amazingly by the hive community. However, it had a very little effect on Hive. They hardly even mentioned hive in their posts and videos.

Do we need traditional social media influencers to promote Hive?

When I look at hive and the whole ecosystem around it, I see one big problem. Hive is too complex for traditional youtube and instagram users. At the moment, it's simply not yet ready for this target audience. We are definitely going into the good direction with what is happening but still, hive is a complex world.

Of course it's great to have influencers of traditional social media on hive but I would say these influencers tend to profit from an additional audience here more than hive profits from them and their followers. These influencers want to increase their reach with an additional audience here on hive. They don't really have an interest in promoting a platform that they just discovered themselves.

We have our own influencers already

I see a much bigger potential for promoting Hive through the Hive influencers. Of course they maybe don't have thousands and thousands of followers but they provide at least the same quality content than traditional social media influencers.

The amazing work of our cross platform workers

Some of the hive influencers are not only active on hive. They are active on a series of other blockchain related platforms like publish0x,,, lbry, torum and others.

By being active on these platforms they actually reach an audience that is already educated in terms of blockchain technology. These people are not only interested in crypto, they also know how it works.

Somebody answering a post on where a Vimm live stream was presented

Again on, a user who wants to be part of the CTP community

When I look at their posts on these platforms, I often see comments that ask questions about hive, the dapps, the games. There are also links to posts on Hive and readers tend to follow these links and they land on hive or leofinance. They generate traffic and at the same time, they get a glimpse of the whole ecosystem. The curious ones will take a better look and maybe after a couple of times that they landed on the same platform, they will think that it might be worth to actually create an account.

Growing one Hivian at a time

Until we reach a level where hive is perfectly user friendly and easily understandable, I believe that our cross platform influencers are doing a great job in bringing new users to hive. The more users we get like that, the more the network effect will play and sooner or later this will develop in an exponential growth of the user base for Hive.

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