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Tesla Now Accepts Bitcoin in the US. Fear Not UK Crypto Holders...

The internet is buzzing with exciting news from Elon Musk today.


Elon made an official announcement to say “You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin”.


The Bitcoin payment method is already live on their US site.

This news has electrified the news, crypto lovers are ecstatic by this. 

Not only has it upped the value of Bitcoin by 3% in the last 24 hours it has also given hope to the crypto community that mass adoption will follow swiftly.

In addition to this Elon announced that Tesla will keep the Bitcoin payments in Bitcoin, not converting it into fiat.


This will continue to add to the credibility of Bitcoin as it shows that Elon Musk and Tesla believe in Bitcoin, otherwise they would cash it out.

Altcoins have also all seen an increase in percentage gain today following Bitcoins rise, ranging from 2-21%.

For example, Civic (CTC) which is an Ethereum token has increased by 21%.

So overall, all crypto users have benefited from today’s news.


The only limitation that comes with this announcement is that it will currently only be available in the US.

AutoCoinCars is a UK based crypto car market for buying and selling. 

So don’t worry if you’re sad about the news that Bitcoin payments are only accepted in the US so far. 

We currently have 30 models of Tesla live on the site available to buy in the UK.

Not just with Bitcoin, but with any major cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Nano, and more.

Purchase your very own Tesla through AutoCoinCars today.

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Accepting Crypto Payments
Accepting Crypto Payments

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