Cheat Day - Lets Post something silly and Out of box. My Top 3 clicks......

By ac05 | ac05xblog | 20 May 2021

Well, It is my 20th day on Publish0x and so far my posts have reached gained 3000 views. Today I want to share some of the photos clicked by me.

1. The perfect Reflection:- It rained heavily till late noon and when the sky cleared I saw the reflection in the standing water. The color in the reflection looks warmer than the original color. So I named it The Perfect Reflection.



2. Colored Black n White:- When the sun almost sinks into the sea, The colors are vivid, and even black looks prettier. The main attraction of the image is black while the background is color rich hence Colored Balck n White.



3. The Rocky Beach:- Sand beached can not always take credit for mesmerizing our hearts. Sometimes rocky Beaches do so. The sound of waves hitting rocks is unexplainable. One could only value it by experiencing it on his own.



These were there the top 3 clicks tell me which one do you like most?

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