BAT Technical Analysis Update - SacredGeo ⏁⏦

By Wolfsbanecalyx | Abstract Charting | 7 Aug 2020

Everyone is expecting BAT to hit $1 some people even think that by now it should be higher and that it's moving too slow. Why do they think that? who knows. I think BAT is exactly where it needs to be this ain't no XRP, BAT is like Gandalf. 



Keep accumulating as much as possible, that's what I'm doing. The great thing about BAT is that you can earn it by blogging, viewing ads, referrals, simply google it and you'll find many tutorials, etc on how to earn BAT free. 

I created this BAT chart in February here is a link to my first post, take a look so you can see progress thru screenshots.


Second post link with info on the method I used to make the chart.


Finally here is a screenshot and link to chart now




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I create my own charts on ✨ I also post about other random subjects.

Abstract Charting
Abstract Charting

I create my charts on

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