BAT Technical Analysis Feb 22 - April 7
BAT Technical Analysis

BAT Technical Analysis Feb 22 - April 7

By Wolfsbanecalyx | Abstract Charting | 7 Apr 2020




FEB 22 - APR 7

I made this chart on February 22nd I use Gannbox first 99% of the time, Fibonacci wedges, the triangles I won't go into that. I use 3 SMA 1 EMA. Always use Alligator just not visible half of the time.



I call the center the Belly of the Beast (BB) you can see on February 22 it was still within the range of BB


screenshot from Feb 26 🤧 on its way out the BB


recovering... recovering... 

Here is the link to my chart on the GoCharting platform
I found it more enjoyable to do my charts here than TradingView.
GoCharting is free to use now 🙂 they do have plans at decent prices as well. 



I make my own charts ✨ I also post about other random subjects.

Abstract Charting
Abstract Charting

I make my own charts on

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