Story Time

Story time.

So I was working one late night and I was really stressing out on a project I’m working on. It was on an application that a client has requested. It was kind of a rushed project so I recruited a colleague to give me a hand.


I was joined my junior and she was working diligently on her part. I chose her not because she was beautiful, not even because she has the body of Lexi Lore, and not because she dresses pretty loosely too. I chose her because of the potential and talent I saw on her, on her works I mean.


I was working on it for several days already. And that day, I worked on it for the whole day. I was tired, and I was hungry. It was a really hard job and I was caught up in a literal loop problem. I can’t think straight because I was really hungry, did I say that I was hungry?


And that’s why I smiled when my colleague rolled next to me with a cucumber in her hands. I don’t really like fruits and vegetables but anything at that time looked so appetizing. I thought that I could eat a whole canteloupe or even papaya.


She then asked me with twinkle in her eyes, “what’s the difference between being hungry and horny?”


I was taken aback by her sudden question and thanked heavens for the sudden turn of events…


I asked, what?


“It’s where you stick the cucumber…” and then she bit her lip.


Okay. So I don’t think I wouldn’t be able to finish this project in time and we will need more late nights. ;)

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