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By dealer | about crypto market | 19 Mar 2021

Cardano is one of the most interesting altcoins on the market right now. It has the ability to become the king of cryptocurrencies. It's really cheap and easily accessible right now. In my opinion, it is not a bad investment at all.

In Cardano, ADA holders do not have the right to vote, although it has been announced that they will (probably) do so in the future, but for now all decisions are made by a company that develops it. Also, many native badges are not yet a feature of Cardano, but are still in beta.

It is important to mention that the most ADA holders are long-term investors, as evidenced by the large percentage (72%) who are committed to staking.

In the end, stacking your ADAs in a group is not the equivalent of
long-term investment because your currencies are not locked and the bet does not prevent you from selling them, it just gives you a passive income at ADA.

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i am new in this market and i would like to learn new things

about crypto market
about crypto market

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