The bank has finally found my money.

Good afternoon.


Some of you may have read my post uk-bank back in November 2022 where I wrote that the bank had 'lost' an ISA I had with them, I also wrote back in March how they still had not found my money the-bank-has-lost-my-money-part-2. Well I know eh that is quite a long time for a supposedly secure bank to have lost a customers money.


The bank in question uses the logo below.




Now I also spent a lot of time phoning up, trying to make an appointment with the bank manager, as I imagine most people would in this scenario, eventually though I spoke to someone who told me that the branch I needed to go to don't take bookings and you just have to turn up and ask to see the manager. (I had done this and was told I needed to make an appointment!)lol, so you see how this could be a bit frustrating.


Eventually I finished my work stint and off I go to the bank, I asked to see a manager and was told there was not one available but got sent to a booth to speak to an advisor. After asking a few questions like how did you lose my money? Do you think this is acceptable? The poor girl 'felt threatened' (I was not shouting or aggressive) and she said 2 people needed to be there for this conversation and lo and behold the bank manager joined us......I could not help myself and said 'Hello, you must be the manager I can't get an appointment with'. If I had known all you had to do to see the manager was ask difficult questions I would have done it sooner!


The manager was also clueless as to why this had happened and could not even tell me when it would be sorted out, just that it was being dealt with by a different department.


BUT they did finally find my money, It arrived in my account on April 3rd so that took a remarkable 148 days! yes you read that right over 21 weeks. I promptly then withdrew all the money apart from 97p from that bank, to an account with a different bank using the reference 'incompetence'.


I started a compensation claim a while back and I am guessing that will take longer to sort out than finding my money did so I am not holding my breath on that one, as this is the 4th letter I have received it is just the date it will be resolved that changes each time.



So I guess it is a win, I finally have my money but this should be a reminder to people that believe that the banks don't make mistakes, they do but most people just blindly trust them anyway.


As always thank you for reading and feel free to comment.

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