What's Uni Swap? Uni Price Prediction💰FREE UNI Tokens Crypto Airdrop
What's Uni Swap? Uni Price Prediction💰FREE UNI Tokens Crypto Airdrop

What's Uni Swap? Uni Price Prediction💰FREE UNI Tokens Crypto Airdrop

By Jay Fried | A Chain of Blocks | 20 Sep 2020

In this video I will answer the question What is Uni Swap? In this brief UniSwap Tutorial, we will look at Uniswap Liquidity Pool, and how to stake you Liquidity Tokens for Huge Gains.
I am also going to give away some FREE UNI Tokens in another Channel Crypto Airdrop for my Subscribers.

We will get into the specifics of the $UNI Token, including the price action. Should you buy UNI now?

I will look at the UNI Tokenomics, and all the use cases of UNI since it's launch as the official token of the Uni Swap Decentralized Exchange (UniSwap DEX).

What is a Decentralized Crypto Exchange (DEX)? Uniswap Liquidity Pool
Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.
A simple formalized equation drives unstoppable liquidity for thousands of users and hundreds of applications.

Uniswap is transparent, censorship-resistant financial infrastructure for Ethereum.
Uniswap lowers barriers of entry to financial participation and removes central points of failure.
It enables anyone to create new markets, provide liquidity, and build financial applications that could not have existed before.
Uniswap empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Uniswap is the Number 1 DEX, and has released its UNI governance token with a community to anyone who has interacted with Uniswap prior to September 1st.

Underpinning the hottest governance token to date was a retroactive where any account that interacted with Uniswap V1 or V2 contracts received 400 UNI. Liquidity Providers also earned favorable rewards based on historical liquidity while the 220 holders of at least one $SOCKS (a tokenized Uniswap merchandise item) received 1000 UNI.

This intro to liquidity mining is set to be followed by formal governance over incentives after the first 30 days in which the community treasury (responsible for future liquidity mining rewards) will be vote on pools & allocation

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