Gambling with Shark Dice🦈Shark Tron Crypto DeFi Project | Tron Mining

Gambling with Shark Dice🦈Shark Tron Crypto DeFi Project | Tron Mining

By Jay Fried | A Chain of Blocks | 15 Oct 2020

In this video I will be Live Betting and Gambling with Shark Dice. Shark Dice is the newest feature of the Shark Tron DeFi Project. Shark Tron runs on the Tron Network, and with Shark Dice you can use TRX Tron or SRX Shark Tokens to play a fun wagering game to win Cryptocurrency. You all are going to love this new Tron DeFi Project. We will also look at the Tron Mining platform again, I will show you how to stake your Tron in order to earn Shark Tokens. Tron Crypto Yield Farming Demo.

What is Shark Dice?
The player can place a bet using TRX or SRX. The bet is placed on an interval of
numbers determined by the player himself. If the lucky number got within the limit of
this interval, the player wins.

How to Play Shark Dice?
Set a bet amount and pick a number 1-100.

What is Shark Tron?
SHARK is the token that maximizes TRON's DeFi potential. When creating the

What is the SRX Token?
SHARK token, we paid close attention to its autonomy and transparency,
putting all token holders on an equal footing. For this, we have abandoned
pre-mining and creating a token reserve for the development team.

All About Shark Tron
Thus, the SHARK token is entirely community-driven and operated by
open-source smart contracts. We expect the SHARK token to become a
powerful tool for actualizing the potential of the TRON DeFi community, as
well as becoming a link for other TRON-based DeFi projects.

Shark Tron Platform
We want to create a SHARK TRON PLATFORM which will include SHARK DICE,
our platform and take an active part in its development.


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