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Coinpot Faucets

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Background... Crypto-faucets have been around for years now and this is one of the old microwallets associated.   Browser Mining One of the first things you will notice is there are 5 cryptocurrencies that you are able to store in Coinpot Microwallet...

Zelda Classic and the ZQUEST editor

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For some of us (like myself), we are old enough to remember playing the orignal N.E.S. game released in 1985... The Legend of Zelda as a kid. For others I believe, they have seen one of many variants and releases of the classic series involving the m...

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing and its Benefits The readiness of computer system resources on-demand like data storage and computing power without a user's active management is known as 'cloud' computing. Cloud computing appeared as early as 1996. It was first know...