Decent Writers Needed at Uptrennd Now!

Decent Writers Needed at Uptrennd Now!

By David P. | That Crypto Club | 7 Jan 2021

This is not a test...
Proceed to the nearest UPTRENND LINK and sign up. 

Hey, there's one right up there! That certainly simplifies things...

Uptrennd, a decentralized social media platform.

All kidding aside, Uptrennd needs you. All of you. You have been specially chosen for this critical mission... so if you want to help bring a decentralized social media platform back from the precipice of failure, then you don't even need to read the rest of this post... just click the link above and get started. If you need a more detailed reason (or you just feel like some superfluous reading), then allow me to explain in a few too many words.

Why Us, You Ask?

That's simple: you're good writers!

And I'm not just kissing your asses... Uptrennd users at the moment have a much lower calibre of writing on average, and most of them don't try Publish0x because of the longer and more intimidating blog-style form we have here. On the Uptrennd platform, they can be brief and still get rewarded for participating.

It is becoming more of a money grab than a top-notch social platform, in some ways, and I want to help change that. 

Calling all Publish0x writers to Uptrennd!

What Is Uptrennd?

For those of you who don't already know, UPTRENND is a decentralized social media platform. Censorship-free with monetized participation-- using its native 1UP token-- it aims to be the people's social network, a free and open and inclusive place that doesn't mine our data for corporate gain. 

In their own words in the whitepaper: "We are a Social Network that puts members first, with the sole purpose of empowering people. We believe in data privacy and distribution of wealth, our members are rewarded for creating or engaging on topics of interest."

Members are rewarded (or punished) using the upvote and downvote function within each post and comment. The amount of tokens given or taken depends on the level of the user voting. Leveling up requires users to burn some of their 1UP tokens, but grants them greater voting power-- and official "citizenship" at Level 20.

The tokenonomics are described in the WHITEPAPER as well... 1UP rewards decrease as the circulating supply increases, for long-term sustainability. Each deflationary transaction on the platform (leveling up, downvoting, boosts and ads) results in: 30% of the tokens being burned, 15% going into the DAO and the remainder being put back into the rewards pool.   

Doing these deflationary things is good, obviously-- downvoting is important for community regulation and content quality, and leveling up has its status benefits-- but don't feel pressured to do anything. Cash out all your tokens and swap them for BTC if you want. There is no right way to participate. The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to USE IT... create content on Uptrennd about anything you enjoy, the same kind of content you create here. Write short or long form, post videos, comment on the things you enjoy. You know: it's a lot like Facebook... but not a shitty, centralized data factory. 

So what are you waiting for, damn it?!

This platform deserves to succeed. We've all been getting screwed by the mainstream players like Facebook and Twitter for way too long, and it's time we make some changes. Uptrennd isn't the only decentralized social option, but it feels more traditional and functional than others that are popping up. It's familiar and straightforward.

So get your butts over there... I want to start seeing quality content on my feed! I want to search for interesting things and find them. I want YOU on Uptrennd. When you SIGN UP, find me there (here is MY PROFILE) and/or notify me or comment on one of my posts here... I'll follow you. I promise.

Uptrennd is for the crypto community, and the online masses.

The links you see on this page are my own referral links, so I do get a few 1UPs for each new user (up to 19). I say that just for the disclosure, but I don't care if you use it or not... I just want the user base to explode with competent writers. After signing up, use your own referral link to invite people that you want to see there. We can all win. 

If you've made it this far down the page, I should be seeing you over there shortly. Right? Again, use any of the links provided (including THIS ONE) and message me anytime for tips or just general chat. I'm here to help in any way possible.

I think Uptrennd can have a bright future... even the token is starting to show signs of life again. It just needs a bit of a creative nudge. So who's coming with me? Hmm? Who's gonna dance half-naked in a bathroom screaming into a cell phone, "Show me the money"?

Okay, that last part is entirely optional.
Joining Uptrennd, however, is NOT!
Be there, or be unavoidably square.

David P.
David P.

I enjoy discovering- and writing about- fun, informative and profitable things in all kinds of arenas: cryptocurrency, blogging, marketing and more! The Brave browser came first for me, and Publish0x more recently... it all just makes sense!

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