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A.I Becomes The Future Content Creators

23 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments NickoGibson

Cover photo from "A.I Sees Humans for the First Time" -AiAngel AiAngel (aka Angelica) is not really an A.I. As you can tell, it's a nicely rigged 3D character animated live, with a real human voice on the microphone. She appears in live chats like Om...


Email Security - Avoiding the most basic mistakes in Crypto Land

24 Jul 2019 connecteconomy

08 September 2019
Apparently I have been part of some breech and I got an email from someone saying they know my password and trying to extort me, saying they have videos of me from adult sites and I must send them bitcoins. Lol, that's just not possible. According to LastPass that was a password I had used a few places.. A bit stupid. I have changed them now. I just sent back a "come at me bro" type of response.

The Brave Browser and BAT program will rattle YouTube's business model to its core, someday...

29 Aug 2019 AskACapper

30 August 2019
I really like the BAT project too. The larger youtubers might be harder to get in contact with, and when you add links it might go to their spam mail. Some might react if you give a tip on twitter and then @ them to say you did. The brave popup has a twitter button you can press and mention their name + a link to When there's money to pick up they might react. The only thing is you don't get a referral reward that way, unless you use the referral link of course.

Some Free High CBD hemp flowers.... growing for Free.

29 Aug 2019 OG Crypto

30 August 2019
Looks good. I'm not that good with plants so I just leave it to the growers.

CryptoTab | New Browser To Get A Lot Of Bitcoin |

24 Aug 2019 zaque40802

24 August 2019
Is that really the same as a mining pool? I don't know. I think bitcoin mining is dead.

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