TLS Group: You Can Now Mine Without Spending a lot on the Electricity!

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 4 Oct 2019

The concept of TLS Group looks really attractive, and that's why it is expected that its STO (going on actually) will reach a high level of success, and therefore TLS token is also predicted to become much more valuable in the future.

1. The features of TLS Group:

Basically, TLS Group is planning to use green energy and money management algorithms to mine cryptocurrency. The used technology is based on processing solar energy to use cryptocurrency mining. In addition, the investors will have the ability to earn a passive income which is expected to be up to 40% per month. CSP- technology will be used in order to convert solar energy to electricity and that's a genius idea to reduce the costs of electricity which is usually high when we are talking about the mining industry. As a result, we can see that TLS Group has so many advantages, including its unique concept of using green energy technology to mine cryptocurrency, the absence of electricity costs, the short term return on investment (since each investor in TLS tokens is considered as a shareholder and will receive a part of the company's income).


2. The token (TLS):

TLS token is a security token built on the Ethereum blockchain and ERC20 token. The total supply is 2 billion TLS tokens, and 99.99% of tokens are available for sale, the team will receive only 0.01% of tokens. The tokens not sold after the STO will be burnt. So, it is predicted that TLS token will be more valuable in the future, since the product is already needed and the number of tokens is limited. The STO is currently live and you can buy the token at the price of 1.3$.


3. Whitepaper and Team:

The project is also promising because its whitepaper is available, and it is explaining almost everything about the project, the token, the technology used for mining cryptocurrency, and the roadmap. The team is composed of talented and experienced developers, and you can visit their LinkedIn profiles to check the authenticity of each member.


Useful Links:

The website:

The whitepaper: 




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