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I love writing songs, composing music and playing as many musical instruments as possible.

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Intro (instrumental)

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  © Music by Last "Ravage" Opinion This track is different from all the other tracks on the album, a sort of dark ambient feeling, especially in the beginning, where the guitar, through a modulation effect process, forms a ghostly aura which is sl...

Peril by Last Ravage Opinion

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© Music By Last "Ravage" Opinion Short but intense, mainly instrumental track. Weird, as usual, with a sort of creepy feel. Do not listen if you fear what cannot be seen !!! No Fear, There's No Fear....Support us by listening on the following platfor...

Outro by Last Ravage Opinion

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 © Music & Poem By Last "Ravage" Opinion © Image: "Stellular . Vega and Altair" Courtesy of Alenia When I found this guitar arpeggio I could hear it progressing in a multitude of sounds and melodies. Every time I played it, there were new vocal...