Guys, are you all right?

Guys, are you all right?

By ilnegro | ilnegro | 3 Apr 2020




Thanks to the situation of total segregation that we have been experiencing for a long time, in my case more than a month, yesterday I started thinking about all those people who have gone through my life, who have left their mark and have completely lost sight of.

Some came back to me after more than 40 years.

They are all people I would like to know, in this strange situation that we are living, if they are well, if everything is in order.

Compared to our parents and, even more than our grandparents, today we have incredibly effective tools to keep in touch, albeit occasionally, with a huge amount of people we have known.

I have absolutely confused memories of kindergarten, and even in primary schools I have only memories related to classmates that I then attended later in life.
Of my 35 elementary school classmates, all boys, because in my time the classes were divided by gender, I don't remember anyone I didn't have as a friend or schoolmate later on.

Starting from middle school, the names of the people I met begin and I would like to know if they are all well.

A friend of mine from middle school, a dear friend, with whom I had correspondence at the time, think, at the time we wrote on real paper handwritten letters, to keep in touch, he moved to Emilia and so we lost ourselves in view, his name is Paolo Battaglia, who knows what happened to it.

I still hear many of my high school classmates, we have a chat on wa, think a little, but Fiorella Felloni, who was my classmate for only one day, the first day of the first year, because she immediately asked to be transferred to a other class, I would like to know how it is doing, if everything goes well.

We have been friends for quite a few years, but we lost sight of each other during college and never heard from her again.

Then there are the friends of the mountain resort where I spent all summers, at that time we called ourselves "company", also with these friends, partly founded thanks to the internet, I am in contact, also in this case we have a group on wa, one of them incredibly still doesn't have a smartphone, I heard him on the phone and he and his family they're all fine.

He told me a fact that I did not know about the lockout of Italian companies.
The daughter works in a company that makes cardboard packaging and her company works quietly.

The catch is this, in order not to interrupt the chains considered absolutely necessary, it is sufficient that a company is a supplier of another company that can work, or is a supplier of a company that, in turn, is a supplier of a company etc. etc.

In addition, in order to continue production, it is sufficient to send to the authorities a self-certification attesting to this primary need, or second or third party etc. level, without waiting for an answer.

As if this were not enough there are no penalties of any kind in the event of a false declaration, because it is a simple communication.

If, on one hand, this makes sense, because if a supply chain is necessary, obviously all the accessory ones are, as always in Italy, all of this easily lends itself to abuse.

I close this parenthesis to go back to talking about friends lost during my life.

Of the "company" of the mountain there is a person whom I have completely lost sight of for about 35 years, Francesca Catenacci, I have never known anything about her and I would like to know if everything is going smoothly for her too.

Then begins the period of the first jobs, of my first experience I remember Cristiano Crepaldi, a colleague, too, whom I lost sight of and have never been able to trace, who knows what happened to him.

On my second job I have the memory of Gilberto Avancini, a very special colleague with whom I shared many things, only to lose ourselves completely.

Of the most recent jobs, as is normal, I kept in touch much more easily, in the meantime cell phones, the internet were born and therefore I can't think of anyone whose contacts I have lost.

A further piece of my life, which is not too recent, are the groups of bikers with whom I shared trips and roads, in the early years of the new millennium.

In this case there are two people with whom I have shared motorcycles and trips with whom I have lost all contact.
Paolo Bernardi, with whom I traveled to Morocco, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh, Georgia, Turkey, Greece and of which I have not heard from for at least 13 years and Michela Cavagni who I do not know what happened to, from maybe fifteen years or more.

All this melancholia and melancholy will be for the gray weather, it will be for the continuous war bulletins, this is my mood today.

Do you have someone you don't know how to contact and would like to know how they are doing in these strange days?


I was born, I am currently alive, sooner or later I will die



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