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U.S SEC, CFTC FinCEN Warned Crypto Dealers to Obey Banking Laws

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It's the government's responsibility to see where the rules are not followed by the people or institutions or by other identities. And warn them or take action against those who not care about these actions. Now several governments taking strict acti...

U.S SEC Stopped Telegram From Selling Crypto Token

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Before starting new services it netter to make sure it's compatible with the law and approve it from the relevant authority. Otherwise, it will create a problem later. The same is the case with Telegram a well-known company. Facing the same situation...

Crypto Fund Launched by UNICEF

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Crypto Industry faced difficulties in its initial period. When it was hard enough to build trust for people. Because it's not easy to built trust for a new system. But now the situation is not the same as it was earlier the crypto industry is moving...

Tool for Crypto Market Transaction Updates Whale Alert

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For every business it necessary for the entrepreneur to keep themselves update with market position and see what's going on in the market. Because the right decision at the right time can make the game in the vice verse wrong decision or wrong timing...

P2P Trading by Binance in China

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Binance a big crypto exchange always tries to experiment with new ways of business or to catch new customers or traders from all over the world. As they start their business from Malta and expanding worldwide. Now their target is China. Binance annou...

US and China Trade War Effect on Bitcoin

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The war of taking over the market is mostly between companies. But sometimes it's big enough to bring countries in front of each other. It's not a conventional war but it may affect more than a conventional war. Both countries try their best to make...

John McAfee Launching Crypto Exchange on Ethereum Blockchain in Beta

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On the start of cryptocurrencies, One of the initial problems was from where to exchange these cryptos. There were limited options available to buy, sell, trade or invest in crypto. But as the companies see people’s interest and business margin. Now...

Liechtenstein Parliament Law For Crypto

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Acceptance of crypto by the Governments continues one after another. Countries releasing its future importance and increase influence in the market. They are creating laws and regulating crypto funds or money. Crypto is seams to be unstoppable and ha...

Hong Kong's law to Regulate Crypto Money Funds

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Working on crypto laws going on in almost every country. Governments either working to create laws for the convenience of the people and institutions for trading and managing digital currency data. Or some countries and individuals working and creati...

XRP backed Binanace Coin Launched on Binance DEX

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It's not new that the companies add new features or launch new services according to the market demand or for the benefit of the customer or to attract new customers and grow the business. Sometimes this activity is done by the individual business an...