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The Realty of Cryptocurrency Mining

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Website BTC Auction Ad Update

31 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments NodeNonce

Website updated last minute, but was announced on NodeNonce's Telegram weeks ago: "This [BitCoin] auction will be postponed until a successful no–cost marketing strategy is found or funds for a marketing budget is obtained."

Will Snowden’s book pay?

19 Sep 2019 3 minute read 3 comments NodeNonce

Upon the release of Edward Snowden’s book, Permanent Record, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in an attempt to seize the proceeds from its sale. Mr. Snowden thereafter tweeted, “in conclusion this is good for bitcoin.”   With functional cry...

Crypto Start-Up Soft Launch

8 Sep 2019 1 minute read 0 comments NodeNonce

#NodeNonce has started its soft launch @

Hold the Crypto China Roll

8 Sep 2019 3 minute read 2 comments NodeNonce

Rolling your own cryptocurrency is much like rolling your own cryptography cyphers — the wise do not in fact freshly roll their own at all even if well salted. So what could the antagonistic interests of the United States government do, if the Chines...


3 Reasons Bitcoin's Price May Hit 20K by Year End #413

30 Oct 2019 Gary Leland the Bitcoin Boomer

31 October 2019
Been following your vids more on YouTube, keep it up! Thanks

Will Snowden’s book pay?

19 Sep 2019 NodeNonce

19 September 2019
An alleged falsehood is your opinion. To solve this divisive debate once and for all it would do well for someone such as Snowden to choose ETH instead of BTC, so to make the order process smoother on his end and the customers' end. In doing so, he will finally end this debate if ETH is centralized or not. Your feels are hurt because I invoked this old yet still valid debate. Even after I imply that a smart contract crypto such as ETH should be tried under these harsh conditions of censorship? If I were to truly make outlandish false statements I surely would have named other smart contract coins in ETH's place for consideration, but I didn't for they would hypothetically fair much worse under such stressors.

New Binance Exchange is About to Open in United States

8 Sep 2019 Stahn C. Aileron

08 September 2019
I'm sad, as this is the dawn of the end of Binance (it'll be around for a long time in its slow death starting from here over this mess, given how much capital it has accumulated that capital will begin to serve as its lifeblood until the final day it faces its fate). I liked Binance and all their efforts of customer-centric services, despite the inevitable hacks they had to face. Granted, the entire statement made about rolling back the BitCoin Blockchain was a bit much in its ludicrous mootness. I don't blame Binance for any of this, this will be a historical case in the future to look back upon in how regulators drove a brilliant establishment out of business. The USA is falling behind, and fast ...

Move away from USDT

5 Sep 2019 beachbummer

08 September 2019
Never used USDT and never plan to, still waiting for it to go bust lol!

Hold the Crypto China Roll

8 Sep 2019 NodeNonce

08 September 2019
Thank you for the support and encouragement :D

Why I think Everyone Should Hold Some $BAT For Years To Come

16 Jul 2019 kevW!ls0n

08 September 2019
BAT aside, yes Brave is among the best browsers imho too. If you don't want pesky cookies and trackers among others flagging you when hailing from the same IP without a VPN or the like, it is a go-to browser for sure!

If all Bitcoin will Mined what next ?

7 Sep 2019 Cryptoram

08 September 2019
By the time that happens anyway in about 100 years, BitCoin will be pegged to BitCoin and will no longer be associated with having a value in a fiat reserve "stable" currency -- instead BitCoin will be *THE* reserve world currency lol! I really wouldn't worry about it, let the grandkids or great-grandchildren cross that bridge when they arrive.

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